100  102 Things To Do Before You Graduate

Brought To You By Macalester Students


1. Listen to a world-class speaker.

Every year, Macalester brings in world-class speakers. Listen to a debate about peace in the Middle East, moderated by George Mitchell.  Hear Toni Morrison talk about her work, Tom Friedman on the global economy, Garrison Keillor and Vice President Walter Mondale conversing about life and politics.  Spike Lee, Kofi Annan and Paul Farmer are just a few other recent speakers.

trads signing

2. Embrace the plaid at a Trads concert.

Clad in plaid, our all male a cappella group, the Traditions, is always in fine harmony. Don’t forget to check out Scotch Tape, Off-Kilter, and the Sirens, our mixed and all-female a cappella groups.

mississippi river

3. Take a stroll down by the Mississippi River.

Macalester is located just a mile from the Mississippi River. Walk along the river or watch the sunset over the Minneapolis skyline. You can drive a few hours to Northern Minnesota and straddle the Mississippi at its narrow source in Itasca State Park.

mississippi river

4. Sip some bubble tea at the Tea Garden.

Just down Grand Avenue, the Tea Garden is an absolute must for any Macalester student. Find an endless variety of teas, and make your tea a bubble tea by adding tapioca pearls to your drink.

guthrie theater

5. See a play at the Guthrie Theater.

Visit the Tony Award-winning and largest regional playhouse in the country. Even if theater is not your thing, check out the beautiful building along the Mississippi River. It was designed by Jean Nouvel, winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize.

guthrie theater

6. Go to a Minnesota Twins game.

Sick of arguing over what team is better? Find common ground by taking in a Minnesota Twins baseball game. Special discounts are available for students.

girls soccer

7. Cheer on the Scots.

Cheer on one of Macalester’s 19 varsity sports or head on over to an intramural sports match up, often between dorm floors.

guthrie theater

8. Picnic at the Walker Sculpture Garden.

The Walker Sculpture Garden is the oldest public art gallery in the Upper Midwest. Get lost in Dan Graham’s two-way mirror and labyrinth, ramble through the conservatory, or read the 28 engraved benches by Jenny Holzer, each with its own truism. After wandering around the garden, take a break and picnic in front of the iconic Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture.

the rock

9. Paint the Rock.

Got something on your mind? Express yourself by painting The Rock. Ask your friends and professors for past stories about Macalester’s modest looking 700-pound boulder. Make sure you participate in this Macalester rite of passage.


10. Tune your radio to WMCN.

As our largest student organization on campus, WMCN (FM 91.7) offers a large variety of shows. The best part of WMCN? If you can’t find music you like, become a DJ and start a show yourself!


11. Spoon up a bowl of MacSoup.

Free soup and snacks on a Friday night, served up by your fellow students. Who can say NO to that?

model un logo

12. Join Model UN or Mock Trial to prepare for a future in diplomacy or law.

Every year, dozens of students join one of Macalester's forensic teams. Both Mock Trial and Model UN compete nationally, and are widely regarded as among the best teams in the country. Of course, the school of former Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan would be a leader in Model UN. Read his story»

midnight breakfast

13. Have your professor serve you at Midnight Breakfast.

Universally recognized as the best study break, Midnight Breakfast is a tradition held at the end of fall semester. We repeat, you eat breakfast at nighttime, one of the most brilliant ideas!

the rock

14. Rent a paddleboat and pedal around Lake Calhoun.

Located in Minneapolis, Lake Calhoun is a popular spot for many Twin Cities residents. Rent a paddleboat and relax at the lake. Run, bike or stroll along the over three miles of trails. Lake Calhoun also provides great people watching and with the Minneapolis skyline in the background, it’s a perfect place to relax.

first avenue

15. See a concert at First Avenue.

Ever wonder where Prince got his start? Visit the iconic First Avenue Nightclub to find out. Bob Dylan, U2 and the Fugees have performed here too. You can take in a concert or go on a dance night to rock out.

the rock

16. Grab a snack at your academic department of choice.

In between meals and Cafe Mac, but still hungry? Stop by the closest academic department. They always have food and drinks around just in case you get a craving while you are stopping by a professor's office. Some highlights include: The Political Science Chocolate Fountain around Valentine's Day and Religious Studies weekly treat day. Bottom Line, if you're hungry…on campus food, is never too far away.

the rock

17. Be mesmerized by the Victorian mansions on Summit Avenue.

See the country’s longest span of Victorian architecture, which borders Macalester’s campus on Summit Avenue. Check out F. Scott Fitzgerald’s birthplace, visit the James J. Hill House, and take a peek at the Minnesota Governor’s mansion.

fresh concepts

18. Witness a (few) hours of Fresh Concepts’ 24-Hours of Improv.

Can’t get enough of improv and sketch comedy? Fresh Concepts has the solution: 24 hours of improv. Head on over to the Dupre Hall Formal Lounge and laugh at this hilarious group for as long as you like.

founders day

19. Dress your finest and dance the night away at Founders' Day.

Every year, we recognize Macalester’s birthday and its founders with a campus-wide party. Come to the Campus Center for cake, drinks, bagpipes, dancing, music, and lots of fun. Don’t forget to dress your best for this annual Macalester tradition.


20. Meditate at the Center for Religious and Spiritual Life.

The Center for Religious and Spiritual Life, located in the Chapel, is home to many spaces for meditation and reflection. Walk the labyrinth in the lower level or attend one of the many services offered throughout the week. The Center is also a wonderfully quiet place to retreat and study, away from the bustle of the dorms.


21. Visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

Enjoy the works of world-famous artists spanning many cultures, all continents and five thousand years—all for free.

african music ensemble

22. Take in a Macalester African Music Ensemble Performance

This isn't your parents’ musical concert. Get ready to dance in the aisles as the ensemble plays traditional African music from Ghana or Kenya on massive drums and ornate flutes and horns. The Ensemble plays concerts on tour all around the country, but they save their best for their home shows.

the rock

23. Pull an all-nighter in The Link.

For those nights when you just wish your paper would finish itself, you can always escape to The Link. Spend the night working and commiserating with your fellow students in our 24-hour quiet study area.



Minnesota has four great seasons (including winter). This means there are many glorious days to sit outside and discuss literature Dead Poets’ Society-style. 


25. Volunteer.

Over 98% of the student body becomes involved in some sort of community service during their four years at Macalester. Choose an organization you are passionate about, or organize a trip to help others. Many students spend spring break helping with relief efforts or building housing with Habitat for Humanity.


26. Rock out at Springfest.

The perfect break from those pesky finals. Held in April, Springfest offers a great chance to relax, listen to local bands and fling a Frisbee.

Dog Day


Beat the stress of finals. Take time to play with dogs! Professors, neighbors and community members bring their dogs to campus for an entire afternoon! Toss a Frisbee, shake a paw and get a slobbery kiss to refuel your cranial juices.

the rock

28. Ride the square-wheeled bike.

Found in the basement of Olin-Rice Science Center, the square-wheeled bike is an exercise in mathematics…and leg strength. Give its pedals a spin.

ice cream sundae

29. Make a sundae at Café Mac.

Enjoy a little bit of heaven on earth at the Café Mac sundae bar. Choose as many toppings as you can...until your bowl overflows.

snow man

30. Build a snowman on the Lawn.

For those cold winter months, use your creativity to build your own snowman (or snowwoman) on the Lawn. Challenge your friends to build the biggest snowman or just let your snowman greet your classmates as they pass by on their way to class.

dunn brothers coffee

31. Hear live music at Dunn Brothers

Just across Snelling and Grand Avenues, Dunn Brothers is a neighborhood favorite. Always packed with people and their laptops or books, Dunn Brothers often offers live music. Enjoy the sounds of local musicians inside or head outside and relax on the patio. Also, Dunn Bros makes the strongest coffee in the neighborhood, perfect for those long study nights or early morning classes.


32. Hit the mike at the Cultural House Poetry Slam.

The Poetry Slam, a beloved campus tradition, is a way for students to express themselves through words and rhymes. Audience members vote for the top three spoken-word artists, who go on to compete for prizes.

language house

33. Eat some crepes or attend a fiesta at one of the Language Houses.

The Language Houses are adjacent to campus. Residents all speak the language: French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish or Chinese. Native speakers live in each house to serve as resources.

language house

34. Make a wish at the wishing well.

Macalester has its own wishing well. Scribble a wish on a scrap of paper and tuck it into Professor Stan Sears’ playful sculpture, found outside the Janet Wallace Fine Arts Complex by Shaw Field. It’s a water-free wishing well.

waste-free picnic

35. Spread out on the lawn and enjoy the Waste-Free All-Campus Picnic during Welcome Week.

This picnic, held during the first week of classes, is a great way to meet new people and reconnect with old friends after a summer apart. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy burgers and veggies served on 100% compostable plates.

the rock

36. Snag some cheap and tasty produce at the St. Paul Farmers’ Market.

You can find almost any local fresh fruit or vegetable you crave at the St. Paul Farmers’ Market. It’s a great place to pick up local jellies, meats, chocolates, honey, homemade soups, breads, cheese and flowers. There's food and coffee and frequently live ethnic music.

sophomore fiesta

37. Nibble on chips and enchiladas at the Sophomore Fiesta.

This fiesta welcomes back sophomores at the beginning of their fall semester. It highlights an area of the Twin Cities for students to explore. Sophomore Fiesta encourages sophomores to take advantage of the rich opportunities available for entertainment and community involvement.


38. Dig into a plate full of falafel at Shish or Khyber Pass Cafe

A taste of the Middle East just a few steps from campus, Shish offers foods such as gyros, kebabs, hummus, falafel, tabouli, baklava and other pastries. Not hungry? Just stop in for a cup of Turkish coffee or espresso. Sample fine Afghani Cuisine and photography at nearby Khyber Pass Cafe. Other restaurants within two miles of campus: 134.

i voted sticker

39. Vote.

The average age of incoming freshmen at Macalester is 18. That’s also the voting age. So do the right thing—VOTE! Minnesota has same day voter registration, which makes it easy for us to vote. Walk in on Election Day and get your ballot within minutes, right across the street from campus.


40. Get your passport—or update it—and study abroad.

The options for study abroad are nearly endless. Two out of three Mac students study abroad during their time at Macalester. Study abroad in popular countries like Spain and the United Kingdom or Georgia, Fiji, and Botswana. Wherever you choose, pack your bags and go!

international roundtable

41. Attend the International Roundtable.

The International Roundtable is held every fall. Each year a globally important topic is chosen for discussion and debated by top scholars from outside of the Macalester community. Recent topics have included The Musical Imagination in the Epoch of Globalization and The Future of the UN.

the rock

42. Rent a bike from MacBike and ride along the Green Way.

MacBike, Macalester’s student-run bike organization, offers bikes, helmets and Twin Cities bike maps free of charge for a three-day rental period. Take your bike along the 60 miles of bike trails in the Twin Cities. These include the recently-opened Midtown Greenway, which runs east-west across the metro along an old railroad line.

campaign buttons

43. Start or participate in a political campaign

At Mac, students learn how to engage in discussions about political and social issues. Use what you’ve learned—get out and do something! You can also get experience in politics at the state capitol, which is just a couple of miles down Summit Avenue from Mac. There are even courses that require an internship at the capitol.

leonard center

44. Get fit.

Work out in the 9,000-square foot exercise room in the Leonard Center. Thanks to the new athletic and wellness center, physical well being should not be an afterthought. For us to become fully engaged, effective participants in tomorrow's world, a healthy and balanced outlook, provided by a well-developed mind-body connection, is as important as critical thinking and communication skills.


45. Go camping along Lake Superior.

Also known as Gitche Gumee or Big Water in Ojibwe, Lake Superior is the king of lakes. The biggest freshwater lake in the world and located only a few hours away from the Twin Cities, the North Shore of Lake Superior is a great place to get away for the weekend. Northern Minnesota and Lake Superior’s shores offer majestic beauty, breathtaking views and peaceful spots to enjoy nature. There are eight Minnesota State Parks along the lake and plenty of campsites.


46. Grab a bag of freshly popped popcorn from the student lounge.

Popcorn and more! The student lounge in the basement of the Campus Center features ping-pong, foosball and pool tables; big screen TV; a popcorn maker; and plenty of comfy couches and chairs.


47. Eat veggies at the Veggie Co-Op.

Vegetarian? Or maybe you just like your veggies? Either way, consider the Veggie Co-Op. It’s a vegetarian cooperative where students live together and make vegetarian meals.

ice cream

48. Get a cone at the Grand Ole Creamery or Izzy’s Ice Cream Parlor.

If you’re an ice cream lover, St. Paul is the place to be! The Grand Ole Creamery was named Best Ice Cream in Twin Cities by Mpls/St. Paul Magazine and one of the Top Twelve Ice Cream Stops in the Nation by Saveur Magazine. Recognized both locally and nationally, Izzy’s Ice Cream Parlor offers a variety of equally delicious flavors. Don’t forget your izzy, an extra mini-scoop of another flavor on top of your cone.

dinner with a professor

49. Eat dinner at a professor’s house.

Mac professors are known for inviting a class to their houses for dinner and discussion.

P.S. The food is always good!


50. Master a new language—and get help from a native speaker or two.

Mac students speak 80 different languages, so someone on campus is bound to be able to help you. Fluency, here we come!

dance photo

51. Test out your moves.

Groove away the night at a KAADATT (Kids All About Dancing All The Time) sponsored dance or take a dance class to learn how to salsa and waltz. Want to take your moves on stage? Become involved in the Theater and Dance department’s two annual dance performances. Remember: you don’t have to be a major to be the star!


52. Take a hike through the Ordway nature reserve.

With a 285-acre nature preserve of prairie, forest and wetlands, the Katharine Ordway Natural History Study Area is one of Macalester’s best resources!

first year course

53. Make fifteen new friends in your first-year course.

The first requirement at Mac is a first-year course, taken during your initial semester. Capped at 16 students and often residential—meaning that you can live with your classmates and push through homework together, meet for dinner and gossip about the professor.

grand avenue

54. Window shop down Grand Avenue.

The grandest street in St. Paul, Grand Avenue is perfect for a walk or a day out with friends. Window shop at one of the many boutiques and gift stores, or grab a bite to eat at favorite spots like Café Latte, Bread & Chocolate, and Dixie’s. Paint ceramics for someone special at Paint Your Plate, take a yoga class, or just grab a cup of coffee and watch the passersby.


55. Apply for a grant.

Apply for one of the hundreds of grants available to students from organizations as diverse as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Fulbright program, The Lilly Foundation, 100 Projects for Peace, and the Watson Foundation.


56. Take in a show at the Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center.

Choose from one of the many performances in the Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center. On many weekends, it’s possible to take in more than one show a night—it just might be tricky to decide which to see! Or, try out for a play, dance show or music group yourself. With over 300 participants in the Theater and Dance department alone, there is a place for you!

eureka recycling internship

57. Do an internship!

Macalester’s location makes it easy for students to intern at diverse and interesting organizations, ranging from small non-profits to huge Fortune 500 companies. The opportunities are infinite. Internships can be taken for academic credit, and they give Mac students a boost in the job market.

anne sweet

58. Study the universe from the observatory.

Macalester has one of the best telescopes in the Midwest and it is open to all students. Spy Saturn’s rings and pick out your favorite constellation, either on open observatory nights or through a class in the Physics and Astronomy department. Some students go on to get PhDs in astrophysics at leading grad schools.

bell tower

59. Ring the bell.

Macalester’s bell sits outside of Weyerhaeuser Hall, our main administrative building and home to the Admissions Office. The bell was a gift from the classes of 1927 and 1928. We've heard it was the first bell in Minnesota, delivered in 1850. It’s a Macalester tradition to ring the bell after your first Macalester romantic encounter.

summer research

60. Do Summer Research.

About 80% of all math and sciences majors at Mac do some sort of summer research during their four years here—from lab titrations to digging up mussels in the St. Croix River. Learn more about the many research opportunities at Macalester and around the world.

professor wiertelak

61. Get to know your academic advisor.

Faculty are available at Mac and they want to help you get the most out of your time here. This is a good thing. And…who do you think is going to be writing your grad school recommendation and serving as a reference when you are looking for a job?

un flag

62. Look up at the UN Flag.

As part of our commitment to internationalism, Macalester has proudly flown the blue-and-white flag of the United Nations since 1950, the year the flag was created. Mac is the only school in the country to fly the flag throughout the year. Give the flag a glance as you walk towards Café Mac or listen to the Macalester Pipe Band outside of the chapel and contemplate your role the world.


63. Try a slice of the Twin Cities' best cake.

Take your pick: cheesecake, German chocolate cake, lemon cake, and any other cake you can imagine. All are huge slices of mouth-watering deliciousness. Café Latte is a gourmet cafeteria on Grand Avenue, a short bus ride from Mac. Their goal is simple; "In all things be excellent." -Cyrano deBergerac.

push ball

64. Play Push Ball.

The object of this game is exactly as it sounds—you have to push the ball. But first, add 50 rowdy Mac students, all competing for honor and glory. Then, make the ball inflatable and about 8 feet in diameter. Finally, plop the whole bunch—students and ball—in a field of slippery, freshly-fallen snow. Now you have Macalester’s recently-revived tradition of pushball. Play it to believe it.


65. Make friends from all over the world.

Think globally, speak locally. You’ll get into heated debates about Chinese education policies, learn the Polish word for sneeze and cheer on election results alongside Jamaicans and Bulgarians. And that’s just before dinner! With 80 different languages spoken on campus (plus English!), you’ll get into amazing discussions. Or grab a cup of coffee with friends who come from some of the 90 countries on campus.

peace prayer at open convocation

66. Listen to the Peace Prayer.

Each year at opening convocation, major gatherings and commencement, five students read the Peace Prayer in their native tongues. The Peace Prayer, a bookend to the Macalester academic year, is truly an event to witness. "As we depart along our separate roads, may we be nourished by our years of friendship and learning at Macalester. And may we draw upon them to create in each of our homelands a more just and peaceful world."

bateman plaza

67. Relax on Bateman Plaza.

Bateman Plaza is a nice, sunny patio outside of the Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center. With plenty of tables and Wi-Fi internet access, the plaza is a great place to relax and catch up with friends.


68. Mark an upcoming lecture series on your calendar

Macalester hosts over a dozen lecture series throughout the year. There’s sure to be one that suits your fancy. Listen to a Twin Cities environmentalist at an EnviroTuesdays lunch. Say “Bonjour” to a speaker in the series sponsored by the French Department. Follow the Mahmoud El-Kati lectureship on the study of race and ethnicity in a national and transnational framework.


69. Bake cookies in the Chapel!

Feeling stressed out? Head to the kitchen in the Center for Religious and Spiritual Life. There you’ll find all of the ingredients to whip up a tasty batch of cookies. Unwind and grab a plateful.

honors project

70. Do an Honors Project.

Got brains? Push ’em to the next level by doing an honors project! The topic is yours to explore within your major in any way you would like. At the end of your senior year, present your genius to the campus. See the Macalester College Course Catalog for specific requirements on honors projects within specific majors.


71. Try your hand at painting or sculpture or one of the many courses in our Art Department

Over 600 students a year take classes in the Art Department. Why shouldn’t you? Those stick figures can only improve!

cafe mac

72. Diversify your taste buds in Café Mac.

Café Mac, Macalester’s main dining hall, features tasty food from the four areas of the globe. Whether it’s a Texan sampling hummus and pita bread, or a Swede having his very first cheeseburger, Café Mac is sure to serve up something new and different at every meal.


73. Audition for a concert or play!

Take on the stage by being in one of the Theater and Dance department’s four yearly mainstage plays and two annual dance performances. Or musically charm your friends and family by joining one of Macalester’s 16 musical organizations. Whichever you choose, you don’t need to be working toward a major in the arts to take on a lead role or perform a solo.


74. Become a tutor or preceptor.

Ever wonder what the best work study job on campus is? Being a tutor or class preceptor sure has its advantages! Help new students or old friends, share your enthusiasm for a language, science or any discipline, and work closely with your favorite professors. Being a tutor or preceptor is a cool way to earn your work study award!

student org poster

75. Join a student organization.

With over 100 student groups on campus, you’re bound to find one to suit your fancy. Want a club that’s not already here? Start your own! All you need is ten people and a charter and you’re good to go.

language house

76. Live in a Language House.

Want to brush up on your Russian? How about learning to make Spanish empanadas? Macalester’s six language houses all have native speakers in residence to help you do just that.


77. Weed the MULCH garden and contribute to sustainability.

MULCH, or Macalester Urban Land and Community Health, operates a multi-plot garden. Many of the herbs and vegetables grown in this garden are used by Café Mac chefs, from pesto sandwiches to tasty salsas.

metro transit system

78. Hop on the 84 bus.

Located on two major bus lines—the 84 and 63—Macalester’s campus is a perfect gateway to both metro areas of the Twin Cities. With only 4 miles to downtown St. Paul and 6 to downtown Minneapolis, use the Twin Cities’ Metro Transit system to get just about anywhere.

state fair

79. Eat something fried on a stick.

Minnesota’s state fair is famous for “everything-on-a-stick.” Options include deep-fried Snickers on a stick; mac-and-cheese on a stick; pizza on a stick; alligator sausage on a stick; fried pickles on a stick; s'mores on a stick; and sloppy joes on a stick. If those options don’t interest you, don’t worry! You can always get a corn dog (on a stick).

mio show

80. Be transported at the MIO Cultural Show.

The MIO (Macalester International Organization) Cultural Show is a grand event on campus that represents the diverse Macalester international student body. Dance, music, singing and drama bring the world alive and leave us wanting more.

student employree

81. Be an on-campus student employee.

If you qualify for work-study, there are dozens of options for you to become a student employee on campus. On-campus student employment is a great way to get involved and meet students from across campus. Plus, you’re earning money toward your education!

the mac weekly

82. See your name in print! Join The Mac Weekly.

The Mac Weekly has been Macalester’s independent student newspaper since 1914. Write a column, grab a free copy every Friday and let the lunch table debates begin.

somewhere exotic

83. Take a J-term trip to somewhere exotic.

After an intense fall semester, take advantage of the month long break in January. Travel the world with friends or visit your classmates living abroad! You can also take a trip with a class in J-term and get 2 course credits. Recent trips include excursions to Rome, Greece and Turkey with the Classics department, a sea voyage around the Galapagos Islands with the Philosophy and Geology departments, and a trip to Australia with the Psychology department to observe animal behavior.

como zoo

84. Admire peacocks, flamingos, seals, gorillas and wolves at the Como Zoo.

The Como Zoo and Conservatory is a quick, short bus ride away from campus. The Zoo is a great (and free!) place to wile away the hours with that special someone—or to escape into the lush jungle of sloths and orchids on cold winter days.


85. Take in a movie down the block at the Grandview.

Want to catch a movie but don’t want to travel far? Stroll down Grand Ave to our neighborhood movie theatre, the Grandview. Don’t forget to stop at the Campus Center Information Desk first to get your discounted tickets!

big bertha

86. VISIT Big Bertha.

Check out the mighty foot of our dinosaur, affectionately known as Big Bertha, on the first floor of Olin-Rice Science Center. Other beasties in the Henry Lepp Geology Museum include specimens of early dinosaurs Eoraptor and Herrerasaurus battling over a dead rhynchosaur.

juice bar

87. Take a break and relax at the Leonard Center’s juice bar.

What better way to cool off after a tough workout than a quick snack at the juice bar? The brand new Leonard Center is a perfect place to work up a sweat and hang out with friends.

friends in the snow

88. Have a snowball fight.

Don’t let Minnesota’s winter reputation intimidate you! Get out there during those frosty days to battle your friends in a snowball fight. Or, take on that rival dorm and get the true snowball fight experience!


89. Get to know your roommate.

First-years and sophomores are required to live on campus. This means two years’ worth of living next door to some great people. You could become lifelong friends with the person randomly assigned to be your roommate. It’s a great opportunity to meet someone you might never have encountered!

humanities resource center

90. Edit a film.

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art digital video editing equipment located in the Humanities Resource Center’s project rooms. Each of the editing rooms is named for one of the seven deadly sins. You can upload film to your heart’s content in Lust or mix the perfect track and listen to it over and over again in Gluttony.

fresh air

91. Get some fresh air.

Enjoy the 53 acres of our college campus during beautiful sunny days. Grab a book and curl up under a big shade tree, or play soccer and Frisbee…Relax to the D.J. Club’s music on the lawn in front of the Campus Center.

fitness room

92. Take up kickboxing, yoga, or SCUBA diving in a personal fitness class.

Always wanted to exercise, but could never quite get to it? Interested in sports and want to try something new? Try one of Macalester’s personal fitness classes, located in the new state-of-the-art Leonard Center athletics and wellness complex.


93. Chalk the sidewalk.

Have something on your mind? Feel like making those gray sidewalks between buildings a little prettier? Just go to the Student Org Resource Center on the second floor of the Campus Center, grab some colorful chalk, and let the campus read your message or enjoy your work!

conference paper

94. Present your work

Don't just file your paper away after you write it, present it. Go to a conference either at Mac or around the country and engage with the academic community. Just write a paper on Bureaucratic Change? Present it at Mac's annual Political Science Conference. Learn something new about the Brain? Present it at Mac's annual Kids Judge science fest!


95. Jump into a pile of leaves

Wander campus in the autumn and admire the red, yellow, and orange leaves crackling under your feet. If you want to be more active, get your friends together, make a big leaf pile and jump!


96. Play the bagpipes.

In step with its Scottish heritage, Mac offers free bagpipe lessons to all interested students. If you’re feeling particularly full of adopted Scottish pride, you can join the Macalester College Pipe Band. The band’s sweet and mournful melodies can be heard wafting around campus during formal ceremonies. They travel to bagpipe competitions and win awards.


97. Down some tasty pizza.

Yum, pizza! Macalester’s own Café Mac serves up tasty pizza from a wood burning oven. Try some Pesto Pine Nut, Margarita, Chicken Alfredo or Hawaiian pizza. If you aren’t feeling adventurous, don’t worry! Café Mac serves cheese pizza, too.

kagin commons

98. Spend time in the Career Development Center.

Learn to write an effective resume, improve your interviewing skills, network with Mac alums and land a great job, grad school or grant after graduation.

flags from around the world

99. Know people around the world for the rest of your life.

At Mac you will study, eat, work and play with people from all over the U.S. and around the world. Five years from now you may be visiting a friend from India who lives in San Francisco, or a friend from New York who works in Brazil. Mac grads find themselves meeting up with friends all over the world all throughout their lives.



The goal is for every individual to participate in an activity of his or her choosing.  Intramural activities are organized on a team and individual basis enabling all to participate. Join your friends and classmates in a dodgeball tournament, soccer match or ping pong game.

Science Museum


Located in the heart of Saint Paul, the Science Museum of Minnesota is a fascinating way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Take a look at your friend’s eye up close, discover the ecology of the Mississippi River, and get in touch with your inner child by crawling through a dinosaur’s stomach or playing on the musical stairs! Changing, interactive exhibits make every visit a new experience.

Blue Door Pub


As seen on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, the Blue Door is a neighborhood restaurant within walking distance from campus. With a lineup of original Juicys – burgers stuffed with melted cheese – the Blue Door boasts delicious creations including the Bangkok, Cajun and Breakfast Blucys.  You can fill a punch card by eating all 9 of their signature burgers and win a shirt – and a new punch card, of course.