Redesign Project Goals

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Redesign Project Goals

Building on assessment and planning work that was done during the 2008-2009 academic year, the web redesign project will bring improvements to our site's visual design, structure, navigation, and content.

Goals: The redesign project has five key goals.

  • Improve information architecture and navigation
  • Create cohesive new visual design
  • Update technical design to comply with current standards
  • Select and implement a web content management system
  • Identify appropriate content to move to 1600grand and build a more useful, robust internal resource

Timeline: The project consists of several phases.

  • Phase I: Assessment and Planning (Aug 2008-May 2009) Current state assessment and strategic foundation, Project planning
  • Phase II: Development (June-Dec 2009) Information architecture development, visual design development, information architecture and design decisions
  • Phase III: Build and test (Dec 2009-April 2010) Build, user testing
  • Phase IV: Launch (July 2010 -) Initial launch of top level pages, ongoing conversion and launch