Project Team and Decision Makers

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Project Team and Decision Makers

Core Team: Sara Suelflow (project manager), Julie Hogan-Underdahl, Nick Raleigh, Zach Bajaber

  • Develop and implement overall plan and budgets
  • Convene and staff Web Advisory Committee
  • Implement campus-wide communications about project
  • Design and development

Contact the core team individually via e-mail, or send a message to and we'll share with the group.

Sponsor: Amy Phenix, Director, Communications and Public Relations

  • Champion and advocate
  • Secure resources
  • Accept responsibility for problems escalated from the core team
  • Remove barriers to keep project on track

Web Advisory Committee

  • Provide advice and recommendations to Sr. Staff on architecture, navigation, design
  • Provide specialized expertise (i.e. ITS support)
  • Represent key stakeholders (e.g. students, faculty)
  • Identify barriers

Web Advisory Committee members:
Ann Esson, Environmental Studies
Terri Fishel, Library
Julie Hogan, Communications and Public Relations
Taren Kingser, student (Spring 2010)
Lisa Landreman, Office of Student Affairs
Nancy Mackenzie, Admissions
Amy Phenix, Communications and Public Relations
Nick Raleigh, Communications and Public Relations (for Alumni Relations)
Betsy Salvatore, International Studies
Jerry Sanders, Information Technology Services
Libby Shoop, Mathematics and Computer Science
Sara Suelflow, Communications and Public Relations (chair)
David Tomporowski, student
Owen Truesdell, student (Fall 2009)

Technical Advisory Committee

  • Assess and recommend content management system
  • Ongoing advice regarding servers, maintenance, etc.

Senior Staff

  • Review and approve overall strategy and scope, design, architecture, budget
  • Make key policy/strategic decisions regarding branding, content management, etc.