Honors Calendar for December Graduates

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Academic Programs
Weyerhaeuser Room 215
651-696-6075 (fax)
November 13, 2013

Outside Examiner Information is due. Please provide the name and address of the outside examiner if there is one. (Oral exams are normally conducted by the student's Honors advisor, one other member of the department and an individual from outside Macalester College who is an expert on the topic of the project.) Have the outside examiner complete a Standard Engagement Contract and a W-9 form and return the paperwork to the Academic Programs Office so we can request the honorarium check. Forms can be obtained from Brenda Piatz or from the Academic Programs website under the Faculty Funding link.

November 13, 2013

Abstract is due. The abstract should be a concise (100 word)
summary of the thesis and the principal supporting arguments.  A title should be included on the abstract. The abstract will be attached to the student's transcript and sent out whenever a transcript is requested. The abstracts will also be printed in a booklet used to represent the program.

December 3, 2013

Oral examination completed. The certification form must be
signed by all members of the examining committee and must be submitted to the Academic Programs Office by this date. No major changes should be needed in the student's work nor should the awarding of Honors be conditional at this point.

December 10, 2013

Deadline for submission of honors project to the Academic
Programs Office. Please make sure the copies are complete and in good order. The Honors Program budget will pay for the binding of two copies per student. A mailing address where the student would like his or her copy sent and an e-mail address for contact purposes must be provided. Should your department or the student wish to have more copies bound, please contact the Academic Programs Office to arrange a plan for payment.