Student Research and Faculty Collaboration


There are many opportunities for Macalester students to engage in substantive independent research projects, often in collaboration with faculty members and other students. The benfits of working side-by-side with others to discover and create new knowledge are numerous. In addition to gaining a deep understanding of subject matter, and acquiring skills essential to graduate school and post-graduation employment, the experience itself is often exhilarating. Macalester faculty encourage students to start with small projects and collaborations early in their college careers and take on increasingly more complex projects and more responsible roles over their four years at Mac. Many projects result in the opportunity to present findings at regional or national conferences; some students also the get the opportunity to publish their results. Talking to your advisor and your professors about research opportunities is a good first step. Science majors should also make early contact with the Science and Research Office. Funding, primarily for summer research projects, is available from a variety of sources. Kendrick Brown, Associate Dean of the Faculty, manages the Collaborative Summer Research Program, which funds about fifteen projects each year. Additional sources, often discipline-specific, exist across the campus.