Macalester students may earn credit for independent projects and/or internships completed during the summer months.  Tuition for Summer 2014 will be $1,411 per credit, or $5,644 for a standard four credit Independent or Internship.  Tuition arrangements must be completed at the Cashier's Office (77 Macalester) before you register.  For information about federal and state financial aid options please contact the Financial Aid Office at ext. 6214. There is no special dependent or staff tuition rate in the summer.  Tuition for study away programs will vary according to the program, and will include an administrative fee.  Students wishing to receive credit for summer internships or independents must register and pay for them in summer.  You may not earn credit by registering in other terms for internships worked during the summer months.  Students must submit a signed parent/student waiver when they register for an independent, internship or study away program.  Waiver forms are available in the Summer Study and Internship Offices, and at the International Center.

Independent Projects

You may earn credit for independent projects in the summer.  In order to be approved for independent study in summer, you must be in good academic standing.  In addition, you must have some previous course work which directly relates to the methodology and subject matter of the project. You may not pursue as an independent study a topic that is covered in a regular course or a learning opportunity that meets the criteria of the definition of an internship.  If approved, students may register until the summer registration deadline, Friday, May 30.  Students who wish to receive more than four credits must include a rationale for the additional credit with the proposal.  If the project is approved and additional credit granted, there will be an additional fee of $1,411 per credit over four credits.  Students may receive no more than eight credits in Summer 2013.  For more information about summer independent projects, please contact the Registrar's Office at or 651-696-6200.

Bring the completed independent study registration form to the Registrar's Office. You may not register without the signed registration form and a parent/student waiver signed by you and a parent or guardian. The deadline for summer independent study registration is Friday, May 30, 2014.

Independent Project Registration Form

Parent/Student Waiver Form


You may earn credit for an internship worked during the summer months. You can pick up an internship learning contract from the Internship Office (Kagin Commons). Students who have an incomplete on their record may not register for an internship without written approval from the faculty member assigning the incomplete. You may not receive more than four credits for an internship. For more information about summer internships please contact the Internship Office at 651-696-6128.


You may register for a summer study away program and receive credit through Macalester. For further information about study away programs and procedures, please contact the International Center at 651-696-6310.

Calendar and Deadlines for Summer Study 2014

Friday, May 30 Deadline for independent project registration in the Registrar's Office
Friday, May 30 Deadline for dropping a course (full tuition refund).  
Friday, June 20 Deadline for submitting grading option forms.
Friday, July 18 Deadline to withdraw from a course with a grade of W. (NO tuition refund)
Friday, August 29 Deadline for submitting grades to Registrar