The Interdepartmental Program in African Studies is overseen by a coordinator (rotating every two to three years) and a steering committee. Students are advised in their concentration by a steering committee member of their choice. The coordinator 1) interfaces with the college administration, faculty and inquiring students on behalf of the program; 2) keeps track of the total number of concentrations and ensures that requirements are being fulfilled; 3) leads occasional steering committee meetings; and 4) maintains the program’s webpage and catalog description.

Director: Dianna Shandy (Anthropology)

African Studies Steering Committee: David Blaney (Political Science), Erik Larson (Sociology), Sowah Mensah (Music), David Chioni Moore (International Studies and English), William Moseley (Geography), Sonia Patten (Anthropology), Ahmed Samatar (International Studies), Dianna Shandy (Anthropology), Jöelle Vitiello (French), Jamie Monson (History), Jean-Pierre Karegeye (French and Francophone Studies), Karl Wirth (Geology).

Additional faculty with teaching and research interests in Africa: Peter Rachleff (History) and Lynn Hudson (History).

Student Representatives: Rachel Mueller

Liasion between the African Studies Program and Afrika! student group: Danait Teklay '13