Ahmed Samatar

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African Studies
William G. Moseley
Carnegie 104d

James Wallace Professor
Global political economy; political and social theory; African politics; leadership and the state; Somali studies; Islam and globalization.

Carnegie Hall, 405
Telephone: 651-696-6564

Dr. Ahmed I. Samatar, founding Dean of Macalester's Institute for Global Citizenship, has lectured at many universities and colleges, including Cornell, Harvard, Iowa, London School of Economics and Political Science, Somali National University, Toronto, University of Amsterdam, North Carolina (Chapel Hill), York, University of Otago, and Wellesley College. Samatar, whose expertise is in the areas of global political economy, political and social thought, and African development, is the author/editor of five books and over forty articles, including Beware of the Jihadist Component (New York Times, 2013); Interviewing the Interviewer (2011); Escape From Hell: What Now For Somali-Americans? (2011); The African State: Reconsiderations (Heinemann, 2002) and Somalia: State Collapse, Multilateral Intervention, and Strategies for Political Reconstruction (Brookings Institution, 1995). Professor Samatar is the founding editor-in-chief of Bildhaan: An International Journal of Somali Studies. He is also the editor of 28 Volumes of Macalester International, a journal of undergraduate education and internationalism. His current research is on two tracks: leadership and the state in Somalia, and globalization and the rise of Islamic consciousness. In the special commissioned volume of Bildhaan which focuses on the exigencies of transition in Somalia, Samatar's article is titled: The Porcupine Dilemma: Govenance and Transition in Somalia (Volume 7, 2007). His recent articles include: A Virtuosic Touch: Hodeide, a Life with the Oud and More (Bildhaan, Volume 8, 2008), and Battling Two Fronts: Introducing Maryen Omer Ali (Bildhaan, Volume 9, 2009).

BA: magna cum laude, University of Wisconsin (LaCrosse), 1978 
MA: University of Denver, 1981 
PhD: University of Denver, 1984

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