Visiting Assistant Professor
Anthropology and social justice, gender, religion and ritual, indigenous self-determination

Professor Dean's interests are focused on issues of social identity—religion, ritual, gender, race, kinship, social class and legal rights. Her fieldwork focused on Afro-Cuban religious practices and the importance placed on dreams in everyday life. She is also interested in the application of anthropology in social justice work and public engagement. She has worked in medical anthropology, education, and community development.

She completed her undergraduate work at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire and received a BA in Anthropology in 1980. She attended graduate school at the University of Minnesota where she received an MA (1989) and then a PhD in 1993.

Professor Dean teaches classes on Peoples and Cultures of Native North America, the Anthropology of Religion, on Gender and Kinship, Anthropology and Social Justice, Social Theory, and the History of Anthropology.