Art and Art History

Special Opportunities

    • Print II students donated original works to benefit the Simpson Housing Services in a show and sale at Burnett Gallery in the Chambers Hotel, Mpls. 2013 and 2014.
    • Noah Exum and Samantha Leopold-Sullivan have been selected for the Art Department’s postgraduate apprenticeship program. Erin Holt '13, Julia Dahle '12, Larsen Husby '12, Mike Fausz '12, Gretchen Keiling ’08, Lela Pierce ’08, and Anna Crabtree ’10 recently completed their apprenticeships.
    • Art students worked with visiting artist Tattfoo Tan to create Free Seed Libraries to be distributed at public venues as part of the International Roundtable 2012.
    • Drew Mintz and Anna Van Voorhis interned at Free Arts MN, a nonprint organization bringing the arts to neglected and abused children.
    • Students hand printed postcards highlighting St. Paul neighborhoods disrupted by the Light Rail project, supported by a grant from the Irrigate initiative.
    • Print students created a portfolio for exhibit at the Tokyo Fine Arts University, Fall 2008. A copy is on view at the Macalester Humanities Resource Center.
    • Arella Vargas ’11 assisted Mexican artist Artemio Rodriguez in printing his 8 'high woodblock print for display in Macalester Gallery as part of the Midamerican Print Council Conference New World/Old World 2010.
    • Pei-Hsuan Wang ’10 traveled to Jingdezhen, China, with ceramics professor Gary Erickson to see porcelain production in the city where it was invented. They stayed at Sanbao Ceramics Art Institute and visited universities, museums, and artists’ villages, Summer 2009.

      Sample Topics Courses

        • Race, Class & Gender in American Art
        • Color
        • Digging into Greek Art
        • Art and the American Culture Wars
        • Art and Technology
        • Dissent
        • Public Art
        • Architectural Drawing