Printmaking I, Art 236

Macalester College Art & Art History Department

Nicole Simpkins grinds a lithography stone, 2008.

Ruthann Godollei

A hands-on introduction to original printmaking in the media of relief, intaglio, lithography and handset type. Included are discussions of esthetics, the impact of printed imagery on our society, printmaking practices from around the world and field trips to local art collections. Emphasis is on personal expression and appropriate techniques for the content. Students edition one print at the end of the semester to trade in a portfolio with classmates. Note: Printmaking classes will be held in the Lampert Bldg., 3rd Floor North in 2013.

Search to find printmaking studios and education facilities around the world.

Left: Nina Ackerburg, Color lithograph, 11 x 15", 1988. Middle: Chris Chang, Self portrait, dry point intaglio, 1997, Right: Anna Chambers-Goldberg, linoleum relief print, 2009.

Left: Anna Johnson works on a drypoint plate. Middle: Cove Fylpaa rolls ink on his litho stone. Right: Tony Sanchez with a letterpress print of classmates' names.

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