Department News

John Glasgow ’17,  Chinese Major,  State Department Internship

While on study-away in Beijing, China, John Glasgow was selected by the State Department for an internship at the U.S. Consulate in China, at the Regional Security Office.  After graduation, John hopes to be involved in international relations or politics. 

2016 Language and Culture Prize Winners:

Prize winners for 2016 will be announced in May. 

New Courses for Fall 2016

CHIN/EDU/ASIA  – Cramming for the Exam: Chinese Education in Literature & History
Instructor: Rivi Handler-Spitz

On tests, Chinese students consistently outperform Americans.  This fact has been attributed to Chinese cultural emphasis on education and respect for teachers.  Where do these values come from?  We ill study the Confucian classics and commentaries, which formed the backbone of the curriculum. Other topics include the exam system and women's struggles in the system. 

JAPA 294/ASIA 291 - Girls' Manga:  Gender/Sexuality in Japan Through Popular Culture
Instructor:  Grace Ting

This course offers a survey of girls' comics or shōjo manga, in Japan.  We will discuss historical trends, read works by important artists, watch adaptations (anime and TV/films) whle focusing on serious analysis of gender and sexuality with the industry. 

CHIN 194 - first year course: revolution and romance in chinese fiction and film
Instructor:  Xin Yang

A first-year course that seeks to critically understand China by reading modern and contemporary Chinese fiction and film, which not only tell us about China, but also universal human experiences across geographical or cultural boundaries. 

JAPA/ASIA/LING 281 - Dialects, multilingualism, and the politics of speaking japanese
Instructor:  Satoko Suzuki

This course will examine linguistic diversity in Japan as well as issues of identity and politics involved in the act of speaking Japanese in Japan and other parts of the world.  How do dialects become revitalized?  How does the media portray dialect speakers? How do multilingual/multicultural individuals deal with their identities?