Department News

Department News:

Errol Phalo (2017)

Japanese Major, Errol Phalo,  won first prize at the 29th Annual Japanese Language Speech Contest, held March 21 in Chicago.  The title of her speech was "The Bond Between Me and My Mother." 

Macalester Senior (Chinese Major) Andrew Notaras was awarded a $3,000 internship stipend

The stipend was through funding from the Henry Luce Foundation as part of the "Mapping Transitions through the Vehicle of the Arts" program. The Foundation is part of the Consortium for the Study of the Asias, at the University of Minnesota. Notaras' research focuses on intercultural and trans-media adaptations of ghost stories and "tales of the strange" by the Qing dynasty Chinese author Pu Songling  蒲松龄 (1640-1715).

2015 Language and Culture Prize Winners:

Will be announced at the Academic Reception on May 15. 

New Courses for Fall 2015

CHIN 294 – Gender and sexuality in china
Instructor: xin yang

Cross-listed with ASIA and WGSS.  Through a rigorous analysis of the content and structure of novels and films, this course examines the politics of gender and sexuality as it is related to social transformations and engages a variety of themes. 

JAPA 254 - Japanese Film and Animation:  from the salaryman to the shōjo
Instructor:  Arthur Mitchell

This course examines the development of Japanese film from the classics of Japanese cinema, including Kurosawa's Ikiru and Mizoguchi's Osaka Elegy, to the transnational genre of anime.  No prior knowledge of Japanese or Japanese culture required. All films have English subtitles, and all readings are in English.  

CHIN 494 - Cyber china: internet and contemporary culture
Instructor:  xin yang

What is the "Great Firewall of China?"  This course explores various aspects of the Internet culture in mainland China, combining close examination of up-to-date online content in original Chinese language with evaluation of scholarly discourse on the Chinese internet.  Prerequisite:  four semesters of college-level Chinese language

JAPA 335 - analyzing japanese language
Instructor:  satoko suzuki

Cross-listed with LING.  Does the Japanese language reflect the relational sense of self?  Do you have to speak in gendered forms when you speak casually?  Students will examine nuts and bolts issues in Japanese linguistics.  This cuurse may count as a capstone experience and also fulfills the Internationalism requirement.  Prerequisite:  JAPA 204 or permission of the instructor