Department News

Department News:

Sean Mock ’17, a Chinese Minor from San Francisco Calif., has been selected as a 2016 Frank Karel Fellow. 

The Frank Karel Fellowship Program in Public Interest Communications is a leadership program that places undergraduate students in leading nonprofit organizations that promote the public interest for a hands-on, experiential summer fellowship.

“I feel very fortunate to be selected as a Karel Fellow for this coming summer,” said Mock. “I am studying abroad in Beijing this spring so it will be exciting to return to the United States and undertake a internship in our nation’s capital." The Karel fellowship provides a stipend to cover travel to and from Washington, D.C., housing, and living expenses for the summer while the awardee completes a full-time internship with a non-profit.

Errol Phalo ('17)

Japanese Major, Errol Phalo,  won first prize at the 29th Annual Japanese Language Speech Contest, held March 21 in Chicago.  The title of her speech was "The Bond Between Me and My Mother." 

Macalester Senior (Chinese Major) Andrew Notaras was awarded a $3,000 internship stipend

The stipend was through funding from the Henry Luce Foundation as part of the "Mapping Transitions through the Vehicle of the Arts" program. The Foundation is part of the Consortium for the Study of the Asias, at the University of Minnesota. Notaras' research focuses on intercultural and trans-media adaptations of ghost stories and "tales of the strange" by the Qing dynasty Chinese author Pu Songling  蒲松龄 (1640-1715).

2015 Language and Culture Prize Winners:

Winners of the Chinese Language and Culture Prize are:  Annabelle Nichols and Sarah Birkholz.

The Japanese Language and Culture Prize winner is:  Chidinma Emenike.

New Courses for Spring 2016

CHIN 255 – China on Screen
Instructor: xin yang

This course is an overview of China on the silver screen.  Coverage begins with silent film and extends to the fifth generation directors, underground filmmaking, and the revival of the martial arts genre.  No prior knowledge of China or Chinese language is required.  Mandatory film screenings and secondary articles will be assigned. 

JAPA 488 - Japanese Translation: Theory and Practice
Instructor:  Arthur Mitchell

This workshop for advanced students of Japanese explores the craft and the cultural implications of Japanese-to-English literary translation.  The course includes poetry, manga and film (subtitles) and will culminate in a translation project of one's choice.    

CHIN 194 - Fifth year chinese
Instructor:  fang wang

Info to follow.

JAPA 288 - Race and Ethnicity in Japan
Instructor:  Arthur Mitchell

Info to follow.