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Fall 2015 Class Schedule - updated February 12, 2016 at 08:00 am

Number/Section  Title
Days Time Room Instructor
ASIA 140-01  Introduction to East Asian Civilization
MWF 01:10 pm-02:10 pm MAIN 003 Yue-him Tam
*First Year Course only; cross-listed with HIST 140-01* This course introduces the cultures and societies of East Asia from the earliest times to the present day from an historical perspective. Primarily an introductory course for beginners, this course considers a variety of significant themes in religious, political, economic, social and cultural changes in the region with emphasis on China and Japan. To a lesser degree, significant changes in Korea and Vietnam will also be examined.


• Map Exercise: 5%

• Attendance & Discussion Participation: 20%

• 1 oral report (20 minutes) on assigned topic: 20%

• Mid-Term reflection on readings & lectures (8-10 pages): 25%

• 1 research paper (10-12 pages) on topic of your own choice: 30%

• [No final exam]


• Required readings are mostly assigned from the following books: John K. Fairbank, Edwin 0. Reischauer, Albert M. Craig.

• East Asia: Tradition and Transformation.(Houghton Mifflin). Conrad Schirokauer, A Brief History of Chinese and Japanese Civilizations. (Harcourt, Brace & Jovanovich).

• Also, the following books are recommended: Frederick W. Mote. Intellectual Foundations of China. (Alfred A. Knopf). John Naisbitt. Megatrends Asia: Eight Asian Megatrends That Are Reshaping our World. (Touchstone).

Other readings will be assigned from other publications and journals from time to time.

ASIA 254-01  Japanese Film and Animation: From the Salaryman to the Shojo
MWF 01:10 pm-02:10 pm NEILL 110 Arthur Mitchell
*Cross-listed with JAPA 254-01; mandatory film screenings TBD*

ASIA 274-01  The Great Tradition in China before 1840
MWF 03:30 pm-04:30 pm CARN 208 Yue-him Tam
*Cross-listed with HIST 274-01*

ASIA 277-01  The Rise of Modern Japan
MWF 10:50 am-11:50 am NEILL 112 Yue-him Tam
*Cross-listed with HIST 277-01*

ASIA 294-01  Contemporary Mongolia
MWF 10:50 am-11:50 am CARN 105 Holly Barcus
*First Year Course only; cross-listed with GEOG 294-01* The “land without fences” has long existed in the traveler’s mind as a place of extensive landscapes and nomadic cultures. After emerging from more than 60 years of communism, Mongolia transitioned to a democratic form of governance and capitalist economy in 1989 and by 2013 the Economist listed Mongolia as having the fastest growing economy in the world (The Economist 2013). Along with these monumental changes in governance structure and economy, Mongolia’s peoples witnessed profound changes in their livelihoods and experienced a rapid transition to new and emerging economies. This course takes a thematic, geographic perspective on the contemporary issues facing Mongolia and its citizens and bringing together such themes as development, gender, environment, migration, ethnicity and culture in this rapidly changing region of the world. Our task for the semester will be to consider the multiplicity of changes occurring across Mongolia and contextualize these within broader debates within the discipline of geography.

J.A. 2013. “The fastest growing economies in 2013: Speed is not everything.” The Economist, 2 Jan. Accessed 15 December 2014.

ASIA 294-02  Southeast Asian Typology
MWF 02:20 pm-03:20 pm NEILL 113 John Haiman
*Cross-listed with LING 294-01*

ASIA 294-03  Geography of Asia
TR 03:00 pm-04:30 pm CARN 107 I-Chun Catherine Chang
*Cross-listed with GEOG 294-02; appropriate for FY Students*

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Spring 2016 Class Schedule - updated February 12, 2016 at 08:00 am

Number/Section  Title
Days Time Room Instructor
ASIA 111-01  Introduction to Asian Studies
MWF 02:20 pm-03:20 pm MAIN 010 James Laine
ASIA 171-01  Art of the East II: Japan
MWF 01:10 pm-02:10 pm ARTCOM 102 Kari Shepherdson-Scott
*Cross-listed with ART 171-01*

ASIA 236-01  Sanskrit and Religion in India
MWF 10:50 am-11:50 am MAIN 111 James Laine
*Cross-listed with CLAS 202-01, LING 236-01 and RELI 236-01*

ASIA 255-01  China on Screen
MWF 10:50 am-11:50 am NEILL 113 Xin Yang
*Cross-listed with CHIN 255-01; Mandatory Monday evening screenings 7-9pm, Neill 226*

ASIA 275-01  The Rise of Modern China
TR 01:20 pm-02:50 pm MAIN 003 Yue-him Tam
*Cross-listed with HIST 275-01*

ASIA 294-01  Embodiment and Subjectivity in Later Chinese Art
MWF 10:50 am-11:50 am ARTCOM 102 Kari Shepherdson-Scott
*Cross-listed with ART 294-02*

ASIA 294-02  Asian Cities
MWF 02:20 pm-03:20 pm MAIN 001 I-Chun Catherine Chang
*Cross-listed with GEOG 294-03; first day attendance required* Since the last century, Asia has experienced rapid urbanization. It is now home to over half of the world’s most populated cities. By 2010, the urban population in the Asia-Pacific region has surpassed the population of the United States and the European Union combined. In this course, we will focus on cities in East, Southeast and South Asia. We will first contextualize the rapid urbanization in the region’s changing political economy, and identify urban issues that are unique to this region. We will further explore different theoretical approaches to understand Asian cities; several of them challenge mainstream urban theories rooted in the experiences of West European and North American cities. Upon the completion of this course, students will acquire substantive knowledge on contemporary trends of urban development in Asia, and develop familiarity with related ongoing theoretical debates.

ASIA 378-01  War Crimes and Memory in East Asia
TR 03:00 pm-04:30 pm MAIN 003 Yue-him Tam
*Cross-listed with HIST 378-01*

ASIA 394-01  Transnational Studies: US Imperialism: From the Philippines to Viet Nam
TR 01:20 pm-02:50 pm NEILL 217 Karin Aguilar-San Juan
*Cross-listed with AMST 315-01*

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