Christopher Calderone

Christopher Calderone

Assistant Professor
Biochemistry, enzymology, and chemical biology

Professor Calderone’s research focuses on the enzymology of natural product biosynthesis.  Natural products are a rich source of valuable compounds that include antibiotics, anticancer agents, and other therapeutics.  However, it is often difficult or impossible to modify the structures of natural products to increase their effectiveness or lower their toxicity.  By increasing our understanding of the pathways by which natural products are generated, the ultimate goal of Calderone’s research is to allow the engineering of modified products with desired properties.  He was recently awarded a Dreyfus Foundation Faculty Start-Up Award in support of these efforts.  Calderone teaches Genetics, one of the courses in the Department’s core sequence, as well as courses in biochemistry.

BS: University of Chicago, 1999

MPhil: Cambridge University, 2001

PhD: Harvard University, 2005