Timothy Boyer

Visiting Assistant Professor

Tim Boyer is an epidemiologist with an interest in infectious diseases, particularly zoonotic,vectorborne, and livestock diseases. His research experience includes the development of spatialmodels of vectorborne diseases in cattle, field studies of disease-transmitting mosquitoes inMinnesota, evaluation of laboratory methods for measuring antibiotic resistance in agriculturalsamples, and development of statistical models to analyze antibiotic resistance data. His currentresearch in collaboration with the USDA Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health focuseson development of epidemiologic simulation models to study the spread of avian influenzaand foot-and-mouth disease in U.S. livestock as tools to aid in disease response planning andpreparation. He also works on projects with the National Center for Food Protection and Defenseto develop and evaluate methods to detect intentional contamination of food using novel datasources. Professor Boyer teaches Introduction to Global Public Health.

BS: The Ohio State University, 1998
MPH: University of Minnesota, 2006
PhD: University of Minnesota, 2012