All CGH concentrators complete a substantial project focusing on the health of human populations. The project may reflect a significant civic engagement experience, a major research project, or a hybrid of the two.  Students present their projects to the college community during a poster session held each Spring.  Below you will find examples of the projects students have completed recently.  Guidelines for the capstone projects are available from members of the CGH steering committee.

Mollie Mayfield ’11 (Hillsborough, N.C.): “Cooking Matters: Nutrition, Knowledge, and Empowerment to Eliminate Child Hunger”

Luisa Paredes ’11 (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic): “Addressing the Health Necessities of Hispanic Immigrants in the Twin Cities”

Dominika Šeblová ’11 (Prague, Czech Republic): “Challenges of Injury Prevention in the Czech Republic”

Mina Tehrani ’11 (New York, N.Y.): “Stories and Cesareans: Prenatal care for Somali patients at a Minneapolis Clinic”

Komlan Eric Tettegah ’11 (Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire): “An Analysis of the Effects of Income and Other Social Factors on the Prevalence of Child Malnutrition”

Sarah Ziegenhorn ’11 (Iowa City, Iowa), “HIV/AIDS Care and Nutrition Education at the Hillcrest AIDS Centre, Durban, South Africa”

Cheryl Zogg ’11 (Fargo, N.D.): “Understanding Infrastructure: An Analysis of Healthcare Systems in Bangladesh”

Sharmila Raghunandan ’10 (Bangalore, India), “An Analysis of the Effects of Unemployment on Suicide Rates”

Bryce Slinger ’10 (Raleigh, N.C.), “Emergency Caregiver Burnout: A Rural South African Case Study”

Soukeyna Sylla ’10 (Dakar, Senegal), “Toward Free Access to HIV/AIDS Antiretroviral Drugs: A Senegalese Initiative”

Helen Erickson ’09 (St. Louis Park, Minn.), “Hands Off! The Anti-Vaccination League of America and Public Health during the Progressive Era”

Afeke Kambui ’09 (Washington, D,C., and Kingston, Jamaica), “Jamaica’s Skin Bleaching Fashion and its Politicization by Public Health Discourse”

Emily Matthews ’10 (Fort Collins, Colo.), “Rural Nutrition Education: The Case of Southern Mali”

Anna Popinchalk ’09 (Cairo, Egypt), “Refugees, HIV/AIDS and Access to Medical Care: A Case Study of Cairo, Egypt”