Spartan '06 for Windows

Spartan '06 Installation Instructions for Windows

Click here if you are using a Macintosh

Spartan '06 can be installed on any Windows computer meeting these requirements:

Minimum System Requirements
Intel Pentium III or higher; AMD Athlon 512 MB RAM
Windows 2000, XP, or VISTA 10 GB disk space
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 or later 1024 x 768 Graphics resolution

Follow these steps for installation:

1) Click here to download Spartan '06.

2) Once the download is complete, open Spartan06_v112.exe (it should be in your downloads folder or on your desktop). Confirm that you want to install Spartan '06.

3) When asked, specify that you want to install the HASP driver. If the Installation ends with an error, saying "Corrupt Installation Detected," something got messed up while downloading or decompressing the installer (which is quite possible, as it is a very large file). Try downloading it again while not using the internet for anything else, and installing it again (use the repair my installation mode) while not using your computer for anything else (a pain in the bum, I know...)

4) [Optional] Click here to download the (very large! 3GB!) Spartan Database. Extract the contents of the ZIP file to obtain the Spartan Database folder. Transfer the three folders within (Small Molecules, Ligands, and Reactions) into the folder in which Spartan was installed, typically C:\Program Files\Wavefunction\Spartan06V112. This places these [large] files where Spartan is pre-programmed to look for them. If you don't have space for them there, you can place them on another drive, and tell Spartan where to find it from the paths tab of the Preferences menu, under Options from the main screen.

5) Left-click here and select Save Link As.. to download the NetHASP license setup file and save it to your computer. Locate "nethasp.ini" in either your downloads folder or on your desktop.

6) Click on the NETHASP.INI file and copy it (Hit Control-C)

7) Go into the folder where you installed it (it should be C:\Program Files\Wavefunction\Spartan06V112 by default) and paste a copy of NETHASP.INI there (Hit Control-V). Then go into the P2 folder, and paste a copy there. Go back up a folder level, then into the P4 folder, and paste a copy of NETHASP.INI there as well. (Failure to do this will result in an "Invalid Access Code" error when you Submit your molecules.)

8) Run the Spartan '06 application from your Start menu.

9) You will be prompted to select a licensing method. Select NetHASP. Click continue. Spartan '06 should now be licensed and functional on your computer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We use a networked keyserver with a campus-only firewall. In English, that means you will only be able to run Spartan if you are getting your internet service from on-campus, or are running VPN. If the program asks you to enter your activation code at startup, either it is unable to talk to the keyserver (most likely you are obtaining your IP address from off campus, or have no internet connection) or all of our licenses are in use (a class is using them, on a Tuesday or Thursday, or at night Monday or Wednesday, during a lab section). If that happens, please quit (don't answer the question) and try again when you know you are on-campus with a working internet connection, and it is not the time of a normal lab period.

For any further questions, refer to the FAQ or e-mail Rob Rossi at .