Study Abroad

Chemistry majors are encouraged to consider study abroad or study away (elsewhere in the U.S.). The junior year chemistry curriculum normally includes Chemistry 311 (fall term, Thermodynamics and Kinetics) and Chemistry 312 (spring term, Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy). These courses are independent of one another, providing flexibility during the junior/senior year to take them in either order. Chemistry 312 is listed as a prerequisite for Chemistry 411 (fall term, Advanced Inorganic), so spring term study away students who take Chemistry 411 in their senior year without having taken Chemistry 312 should recognize they may need to undertake some extra preparation for Chemistry 411.

The International Center’s Study Abroad Office maintains a list of recommended programs organized by discipline. This is a good starting point for consideration, however students can apply to study abroad/away through other programs as well. Students considering study abroad should meet with the staff in the Study Abroad Office and with their advisor or department chair as early as possible to discuss how the study abroad experience will relate to the major, as well as to their own personal and academic goals.

The International Center website has detailed information about policies, procedures, and deadlines.