Department News

Some of Macalester’s 2013 economics graduates and juniors were recently awarded top honors for their papers by the Minnesota Economic Association.

For senior thesis, first place went to Natalie Camplair '13 for “Do Wind Turbines Affect the Sale Price of Single Family Homes?" (Advisor: Sarah West).

For term papers, Sasha Indarte '13 (First Place) "Mutually Reinforcing Debt and Financial Crises in Spain and Ireland: A VAR Approach" (Advisor: Gary Krueger); William Creedon ’13 (Second Place) “Do Differences in Unemployment Benefits Explain Unemployment in Spain Relative to Portugal?” (Advisor: Karine Moe), and Yiwen Hu ’14 (Third Place) “How do Residential Recycling Programs Affect the Ratio of Secondary to Virgin Production in the Paper Industry?” (Advisor: Sarah West).

Congratulations to Mac economics grads and majors!