Honors Projects


needman hurstSome of Macalester’s 2012 economics graduates and juniors were recently awarded top honors for their papers by the Minnesota Economic Association.

The honors program challenges students of exceptional achievement to do extended original research during senior year. Honors students usually spend the first term of their senior year engaged in research and the second term writing and revising their papers. The final step in the process is an oral examination conducted by the adviser and two other examiners. Successful completion of an honors project is noted on the student's transcript following graduation.


Chioma Yvonne Chukwumah
“Do User Fees Increase the Notifications of Tuberculosis?”

Emma Kalish
“The Determinants of Child Protective Services Involvement”

Natalie Camplair
‘’Do Wind Turbines Affect Property Values?’’

Sasha Indarte
‘‘Financial and Sovereign Debt Crises in Spain: Fiscal Limits and Spillovers

Hao Ding
“Is U.S. Stock Market Sufficiently Efficient Around Hurricanes?”


Devon Kristiansen 
“Does Information Lead to Household Electricity Conservation?” 

Rosamond Mate 
“What Factors Influence a Consumer’s Decision to Purchase Energy Star Appliances?”

Yan Huang 
“How does the U.S. stock market affect the stocks of Chinese state-owned companies?”

Adam Freedman 
“Mud on Your Face, Big Disgrace vs. the Wisdom of Crowds: Macroforecasters' Herding Behavior Over Time” 

Jose Ricardo Rubio 
“How has the Introduction of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Affected the Dynamics Between HIV and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa?” 

Molly Frean 
“What is the Optimal Subsidy for Exercise? Informing Health Insurance Companies’ Fitness Reimbursement Programs” 

Wanyi Li 
“Does School Quality Affect Real Estate Prices? The Effect of Top-Tier Elementary Schools on Property Prices in Shanghai” 

Evan Hewitt
“An Empirical Examination of Market Efficiency Surrounding Hurricanes” 

Lauren Martinez 
“The Country-Specific Nature of Apparel Elasticities and Impacts of the Multi-Fibre Arrangement”

Qianyi Yang 
“U.S. Monetary Policy Announcements and Foreign Exchange Market Behavior” 


Jimerson j. Asencio Ferrufino
What is the effect of trade on the gender wage gap in the Mexican manufacturing sector?,
Minnesota Economics Association Award, First Place

Needham B. Hurst
How Does Light Rail Transit Affect Urban Land Use?
Minnesota Economics Association Award, Second Place

Benjamin Langworthy
The effects of parental migration on child nutrition,

Elizabeth K. Vermann
How Do 100% Smoke-Free Bans Affect Smoking Behavior?,

Nina Wellander
How Does Average Protein Consumption Affect Happiness?,