The number of courses required before entering the engineering program at either university is relatively small, encouraging students to seek BA degrees in areas as diverse as English, classics, Asian studies, anthropology, economics, sociology, and languages. Many students decide to participate in the program late in their Macalester careers, and some students opt to complete four years at Macalester in order to follow an area of interest in even more depth before entering the program. At the time of entry to the two-year engineering component of the program, students can choose a major from a variety of engineering fields:

Aerospace Engineering+
Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering+
Biomedical Engineering*+
Chemical Engineering*+
Civil Engineering*+
Computer Engineering*+
Electrical Engineering*+
Geological Engineering+
Materials Science Engineering+
Mechanical Engineering*+
Systems Science and Engineering*

*Offered at Washington University
+Offered at the University of Minnesota

Required Courses

The requirements for entrance into the two-year engineering component of the program depend on the university and engineering major chosen. A typical set of prerequisites includes:

Math 137 (Single Variable Calculus), Math 236 (Linear Algebra), Math 237 (Multivariable Calculus), Math 312 (Differential Equations)
Computer Science 121 (Introduction to Scientific Programming)
Physics 226 and 227 (Principles of Physics I and II)
Chemistry 111 (General Chemistry I) and other courses

Washington University has additional requirements in the humanities and social sciences as well.