Why study English at Mac?

  • Mac English is engaged. The English department explores the literary world in all its forms: prose, poetry, and plays, as well as graphic novels, photography, film, popular music, and performance. Students learn about past, present, and emergent literatures, from medieval heroic narratives to postmodern poetry. Our courses also examine literary responses to ethical challenges, from crises of individual morality to the structures of international justice.
  • Mac English is diverse. Students and faculty come to the English department with a wide range of experiences, cultural perspectives, and intellectual passions. These multiple ways of seeing the world inspire new and unexpected forms of understanding, and lead to our most exciting work within and beyond classrooms.
  • Mac English is global. Our students and faculty explore literary cultures across the world, from London to L.A., Minneapolis to Mumbai. Many of our majors extend their classroom explorations by studying abroad (England, Scotland, Ireland, India, Japan, South Africa, Rwanda, and Argentina, among other sites) and by volunteering and interning among the international communities that make up the Twin Cities.
  • Mac English is connected. We foster dynamic connections between the discipline of English and other fields, from environmental studies to biology to human rights. Our students intern with literary presses and publishing houses; in newspaper, radio, television, and film production; at libraries, public schools, and a range of non-profit organizations.
  • Mac English sends you forth. Studying English at Macalester prepares students to do meaningful work in the world. Our alumni include novelists, human rights lawyers, Rhodes Scholars, physicians, financial advisors, political activists, filmmakers, journalists, and teachers. We believe that initiating students into the cultural life of literature prepares them to contribute powerfully and responsibly to our common world.