ENVI 120 Environmental Geology Kelly MacGregor
ENVI 130 Science of Renewable Energy James Doyle
ENVI 133 Environmental Science Brian Krohn
ENVI 140 The Earth's Climate System Louisa Bradtmiller
ENVI 144 Lakes, Rivers, and Streams Anika Bratt
ENVI 150 Climate and Society Louisa Bradtmiller
ENVI 160 Dynamic Earth and Global Change Kelly MacGregor
ENVI 172 Psychology in a Material World Christie Manning
ENVI 194 Architecture + Circumstance + Sustainability David O'Brien Wagner
ENVI 194 Dirt and Development: The Relationship Between Humans and Soil Charlotte Riggs
ENVI 194 Environmental Sociology Terry Boychuk
ENVI 202 Sustainability and the Campus Suzanne Savanick Hansen
ENVI 215 Environmental Politics and Policy Roopali Phadke
ENVI 225 100 Words for Snow:  Language and Nature Marianne Milligan
ENVI 229 Environmental Ethics Diane Michelfelder
ENVI 231 Environmental Economics and Policy Sarah West
ENVI 232 People, Agriculture and the Environment Bill Moseley
ENVI 234 American Environmental History Chris Wells
ENVI 236 Consumer Nation:  American Consumer Culture in the 29th Century Chris Wells
ENVI 237 Environmental Justice Christ Wells
ENVI 252 Water and Power Roopali Phadke
ENVI 258 Geography of Environmental Hazards Eric Carter
ENVI 259 Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic Scott Legge
ENVI 270 Psychology of Sustainable Behavior Christie Manning
ENVI 275 Outdoor Environmental Education Ruthanne Kurth-Schai and Jerald Dosch
ENVI 280 Environmental Classics Christie Manning
ENVI 285 Ecology Mark Davis
ENVI 294 20th Century Environmental World Ryan Edgington
ENVI 294 Climate Change: Science, Economics and Policy Louisa Bradtmiller and Sarah West
ENVI 294 Environmental History of Modern Europe Julia Fein
ENVI 294 Food, Environment and Society in the 20th Century Ryan Edgington
ENVI 294 Garden in the Machine:  The City and Nature in Latin America in the 19th-20th Centuries Andrea Moerer
ENVI 294 Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic Scott Legge
ENVI 294 Land Change and Conservation Planning Robert Rose
ENVI 333 Economics of Global Food Problems Amy Damon
ENVI 335 Science and Citizenship Roopali Phadke
ENVI 340 U.S. Urban Environmental History Chris Wells
ENVI 343 Imperial Nature:  The United States and the Global Environment Chris Wells
ENVI 345 Car Country:  The Automobile and the American Environment Chris Wells
ENVI 365 Environmental Anthropology Arjun Guneratne
ENVI 368 Sustainable Development and the Global Future Roopali Phadke
ENVI 370 Education and the Challenge of Globalization Ruthanne Kurth-Schai
ENVI 375 Rural Landscapes and Livelihoods Holly Barcus
ENVI 394 Environmental GIS Sanchayeeta Adhikari
ENVI 394 Food, Environment and Society Ryan Edgington
ENVI 394 Introduction to Remote Sensing Robert Rose
ENVI 477 Comparative Environment and Development Studies: Bill Moseley
ENVI 478 Cities of the 21st Century Dan Trudeau
ENVI 488 Senior Seminar in Environmental Studies Louisa Bradtmiller
ENVI 490 Environmental Studies Leadership Seminar Roopali Phadke
ENVI 494 Environmentalism, Industrialization and Nature in 19th-century Literature and Art Juliette Rogers