Language Placement

How do I take a placement exam?
Call Brenda Piatz in Academic Programs at 651-696-6036, or .  She can get you set up to take the exam.

What do I do with the scores?
WebCape Score (over 550), SAT II with Listening Score (620+), Coursework (FREN 204) or AP exam in French (score of 4 or 5). Students with IB credit or diploma from a lycée français should see the department chair.

Placement tests are as follows:

SAT II Score (with Listening) WebCape Score Course #
620+ Over 550 305, 306, 394
590-610 460-550 204
480-580 370-459 203
410-470 300-369 102
200-400 0-300 101 or 111

I am interested in taking the French Proficiency Exam to test out of the language requirement.  What should I do?
In order to test out of Macalester’s foreign language requirement, you must take the SATII with Listening and score a 620 or better.  You cannot “test out” of the school’s languages requirement with the online placement exam.  The online exam is only to help you figure out which class would best suit your ability.

I took the SAT II and scored 620 or higher.  Who at Macalester needs to know so I don’t have to take a language class?
If you are an incoming First Year, you should request that SAT send the results to Macalester.  If you are taking the test after arriving at Macalester, you can also request that SAT send the results to Macalester, or you can provide a copy to the Registrar’s office and a copy to Academic Programs.

I am interested in study abroad programs to immerse myself in the culture(s) of the French and Francophone speaking world.  What programs does Macalester offer?  Which ones does the Department of French and Francophone Studies recommend?
Please see our study abroad programs.