GEOG 488:Comparative Environment and Development Studies: A Seminar in Cultural and Political Ecology

Laura Kerr, Geography
“ A Road to Nowhere?: The ‘Ecologized’ Conflict over the North Shore Road ( Great Smokey Mountains National Park )”

Talia Kahn-Kravis, Environmental Studies Major, Geography Minor
“Blue and Green: In It for the Long Haul? A Political Ecology Look into Labor-Environment Coalitions”

Matt Malecha, Geography and History
“Development on the American Frontier: A Political Ecology Perspective”

Andrew Kessel, Economics, African Studies Concentration, French Minor
“Debt for Nature Swaps: A Critical Perspective”

Megan Grinde, Geography and Environmental Studies
“The Environmental Impacts of the Beef Industry in the US : A Political Ecology Approach”

Kramer Gillin, Geography
“Complicating the Bougainville ‘Resource Conflict’”

Sam Petty, Geography Major, Religious Studies Minor
“From Swords to Ploughshares: Redemptive Agriculture and Conflict in Israel”

Aditi Naik, Political Science
"An Urban Political Ecology of Public Transit in Bangkok , Thailand "

Sara Nelson, Geography Major, African Studies Concentration
“Toward an Urban Political Ecology of Land Tenure in Dar es Salaam , Tanzania”

Anna Waugh, Environmental Studies and History
“The Interstate Highways and the American Landscape: A Political Ecology Approach”

Betsy Engerbretson, Geography and Russian Studies
“A Political Ecology of Agricultural Change in Post-Soviet Russia”

Trudy Rebert, Geography and Political Science
“Environmental Refugees: A Useful Concept?”

Clara McConnell, Geography and Political Science
“Contested Remediation: Local People, Corporate America and Mainstream Environmentalism in the Hudson River Valley”