Past Hansen Geography Projects


Recipient: Erin Daly
Advisor: Laura Smith

Social Implications of Bicycle Infrastructure in America's Best Cycling Cities

This project begins to address the purposeful and unintended social consequences of bicycle infrastructure improvements in America's best cycling cities. Using Portland, Oregon and Minneapolis as case studies this research addresses two major questions. First, is there a causal link between the level of bicycle accessibility of a neighborhood and the level of gentrification occurring there? Additionally, what can be done to mitigate the negative social effects of this relationship, including policy and programmatic solutions? Quantitative considerations include GIS comparisons of neighborhood bicycle accessibility (lanes, trails and parking facilities) with housing and retail characteristics. These findings are considered in a broader social context based on interviews with relevant figures in Transportation Demand Management, social justice organizations and scholars. The results will address how negative externalities emerge in both Portland and Minneapolis, as well as how to use bicycle infrastructure as a tool for social justice moving forward.