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Kelly MacGregor, Associate Professor, Chair

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Kelly R. MacGregor
Associate Professor, Chair
Glacial Geomorphology


About Me

I am a geomorphologist with a specialty in glacial processes. My current research focuses on understanding the role of glaciers in shaping alpine landscapes. I use tools such as GPS, stream gauging stations, and good old-fashioned shovels to understand how glaciers behave over daily to annual timescales, and how they affect the rocky landscapes they occupy. I also use numerical models to simulate their role in creating the fantastic mountainous landscapes we see today. In addition to my work on glaciers, I am interested in the effects of dams on sediment and water transport in river systems. I teach a variety of introductory and upper-level courses at Macalester, including Geomorphology (GEOL260), Environmental Geology (GEOL120), History and Evolution of the Earth (GEOL165), and Glaciers and Climate (GEOL294). As part of the curriculum I work with students in field research projects. For more information, please see the links above. My Curriculum Vitae is available here

Last updated: 06/18/2007
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