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  • Behrensmeyer, A.K., F.T. Fürsich, R.A. Gastaldo, S.M. Kidwell, M.A. Kosnik, M.Kowalewski, R.E. Plotnick, R.R. Rogers, J. Alroy. 2005. Are the most durable shelly taxa also the most common in the marine fossil record? Paleobiology 31: 607-623.
  • Kosnik, M.A., A.K. Behrensmeyer, F.T. Fürsich, R.A. Gastaldo, S.M. Kidwell, M. Kowalewski, R.E. Plotnick, R.R. Rogers, P.J. Wagner and J. Alroy. 2011. Changes in the shell durability of common marine taxa through the Phanerozoic: evidence for biological rather than taphonomic drivers. Paleobiology 37:303-331.

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