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My current research interests are best expressed by the types of questions I am trying to answer. For example:

1. How do concentrations of vertebrate fossils form? Are mass accumulations of vertebrate hardparts primarily the result of biological/ecological processes (e.g., predation, mass mortality), or do bonebeds represent a more complex history of biological and physical (geological) phenomena?

2. How should different types of skeletal concentrations (e.g., macrofossil vs. microfossil bonebeds) be used to address paleobiological and paleoecological questions?

3. How do the complex diagenetic signatures of bone fossilization (authigenic cements, REE) vary among and within environments of burial?

4. How is the vertebrate fossil record patterned in relation to sequence stratigraphic architecture?

5. To what extent can sequence stratigraphic methods and models be applied in the fully terrestrial realm? How are relative changes in base level/sea level recorded in terrestrial records? How far, and with what degree of certainty, can surfaces of interest (e.g., sequence boundaries, transgressive surfaces) be tracked upstream?

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