Global Health Scholars Program
Olin-Rice Science Center Room 221


Students conduct multi-disciplinary collaborative research with faculty members and global partners on selected topics and current problems in global health. Students participate in intensive reading of primary literature, journal club roundtable discussions, and written and oral presentations focused on selected challenges in health, health care, and public health in sub-Saharan Africa, with special focus on Uganda. Offered Spring, 2014

Instructors: D. Chatterjea (biology), R. Hoye (chemistry)


  • Chem211
  • At least three of the biology core courses (Biol260, Biol265, Biol270 or Biol285)
  • At least one quantitative course, such as Statistics (e.g., MSCS153 or 155), Geographic Information Systems (Geog225), and/or Research in Psychology (Psyc201/202)
  • Junior or senior standing

Students who have not completed all of the prerequisites but who feel that they can demonstrate scientific and quantitative competencies through other coursework should meet with one of the instructors to discuss their preparation for this course. All students must complete the application process and be accepted into the program in order to register for the course.