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  • HIST100-01 Europe Since 1789 (Weisensel) Fall 2011
  • HIST110-01  Introduction to European History (Fein) Fall 2014
  • HIST112-01 The Global in the Local: Minnesota History in/as World History (Rachleff)
  • HIST112-02 The Global in the Local: Rivers Through History (Cremer)
  • HIST120-01 Europe and the World (Weisensel)
  • HIST135-01 American Violence to 1800 (Cremer)
  • HIST140-01 History of Africa to 1800 (Ferrell)
  • HIST181-01 Introduction to Latin America and the Caribbean (Moerer)
  • HIST194-01 The Birth of Globalization: Silk, Spices, Sugar, and Silver before 1800 (Hawkley)
  • HIST194-02 History of Sexuality (Jacquet)
  • HIST194-02 Great Lakes American Indian History (Shoemaker)
  • HIST194-03 Line in the Sand: History and Culture in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands (Edgington)
    • HIST194-05 History on the Dark Side (Cremer)
    • HIST213-01 Women in African History (Ferrell)
    • HIST224-01 Slavery, Emancipation and Reconstruction (Rachleff)
    • HIST225-01 Native American History (Phillips)
    • HIST228-01 Gender and Sexuality in Colonial America and the Early Republic (Cremer)
    • HIST232-01 Immigration and Ethnicity in U.S. History (Rachleff)
    • HIST233-01 Introduction to the History of the U.S. Working Class (Rachleff)
    • HIST234-01  US Environmental History (FYC) (Wells)
    • HIST234-02 US Environmental History  (Wells)
    • HIST235-01 Comparative Freedom Movements: The U.S. Civil Rights and South African Anti-Apartheid Movements (Rachleff)
    • HIST244-01 The US Since 1945 (Edgington)
    • HIST255-01 The History of Socialism (Weisensel, Peter)
    • HIST257-01 Empires (Fein)
    • HIST258-01  Europe since 1945 (Fein)
    • HIST261-01 Making History: Russian Cinema as Testimony, Propaganda, and Art (Weisensel)
    • HIST274-01 History of Traditional China (Tam)
    • HIST275-01 History of Modern China (Tam)
    • HIST277-01 History of Modern Japan (Tam)
    • HIST278-01 War Crimes and Memory in Contemporary East Asia (Tam)
    • HIST282-01 Latin America: Art/Nation (Capello)
    • HIST294-01 The Amazon: A Cultural History (Capello)
    • HIST294-01 Remembering the Modern City (Capello) Spring 2010
    • HIST294-03  Lines in the Sand: The US-Mexico Borderlands (Edgington)
    • HIST294-04 Migrations of the Gods: Global Religious Movements before 1800 (Hawkley)
    • HIST294-05  Environmental History of Modern Europe (Fein) Fall 2014
    • HIST305-01 Comparative Freedom Movements (Rachleff)
    • HIST330-01 Historians and Critical Race Theory (Rachleff) Spring 2011
    • HIST355-01 History and Philosophy of Socialism (Weisensel)
    • HIST362-01 History of the USSR (Weisensel)
    • HIST364-01 Modern Germany: Bismarck to the Present (Weisensel)
    • HIST379-01 The Study of History (Cremer) Fall 2011
    • HIST381-01 Transnational Latin Americas (Capello) Spring 2012
    • HIST394-01 Minnesota History (Rachleff) Spring 2012
    • Hist 490-01  Special Advanced Topics: Space, Place, and Power (Edgington) Fall 2014