After Macalester

Angela Butel ’13 (Kansas City, Mo.) is an organizer for Joint Religious Legislative Coalition.

Maria Vargas ’13 (Asunción, Paraguay) is a Immunization Program Research Fellow at Curatio International Foundation.

Collin Calvert ’13 (Lincoln, Neb.) is a psychometrist at the Minnesota Epilepsy Group.

Ezequiel Jimenez Martinez ’13 (Salta, Argentina) is a Erasmus Mundus Scholar at the University of Roenhampton (London, UK), University of Gothenburg (Gothenburg, Sweden) and University of Tromso (Tromso, Norway) and is seeking a master’s in human rights policy.

Lia Morone ’13 (Morris, Pa.) is an administrative assistant at DM Law Group.

Ellen Noble ’13 (Bethesda, MD) is pursuing at Masters in Security Studies at Georgetown University.

Anja Crowder ’13 (St. Paul, Minn.) is working as a Production Coordinator with the ABC news program "This Week with George Stephanopoulos,'

Marcella Babcock ’12 (Liberty, Mo.) is a junior coach at College Possible.

Margaret Brunk ’12 (La Crosse, Wis.) is teaching in France through the French government.

April DeJarlais ’12 (Champlin, Minn.) is a communications intern at The White House Project.

Kathleen McGee ’12 (San Francisco, Calif.) moved to Rwanda to work as a strategy and evaluation specialist with Health Poverty Action.

Sarah Mintz ’12 (Atlanta, Ga.) is a community outreach coordinator for Free Minds in Washington, D.C.

Donald Srader ’12 (Oak Grove, Mo.) is a social studies teacher in Kentucky for Teach for America.

Rachel Wisthuff ’11 (La Grange, Illinois) is a Grassroots Associate with Girl Up at the United Nations Foundation.

Heather Kunin ’10 (Framingham, Mass.) is working as an Office Manager at RefugePoint.

Beth Miller ’10 (Evanston, Illinois) is working as a Program Coordinator for the International Fellows and MENA programs at PILnet:  The Global Network for Public Interest Law.

Lelde Ilzina ’10 works in the Crisis Response and Systems Section, Operations Division at NATO.

Lucia Marincel ’10 (White Bear Lake, Minn.) is an ESL instructor at the Hmong American Partnership.

Seth Garfinkel ’10 (Alpharetta, Ga.) is working at the American Immigration Council.

Iryna Postolovska ’10 (Kyiv, Ukraine) is studying at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Rebecca Sheff ’09 (Lexington, Mass.) is studying at New York University School of Law.