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Full Time Faculty

  • Ahmed Samatar Ahmed Samatar
    James Wallace Professor & Chair of International Studies
    Global political economy; political and social theory; African politics; leadership and the state; Somali studies; Islam and globalization.

  • Zeynep D. Gürsel Zeynep D. Gürsel
    Assistant Professor of International Studies, Affiliated faculty of Anthropology & Media and Cultural Studies (Sabbatical: AY 2015-2016)
    Global media, visual anthropology, ethnographic and documentary film, cultures of knowledge production especially news and journalism, photography, anthropology of the imagination, politics in everyday life, cultures of work.
  • Christy Hanson Christy Hanson
    Distinguished Lecturer, International Studies
    Dynamics between poverty, health care seeking behavior and health system response, particularly for the care of infectious diseases.

  • David Chioni Moore David Chioni Moore
    Associate Professor, International Studies and English
    Literary interactions in the Black Atlantic world, notably Africa, the Caribbean, and African America; post-colonial and/as the post-Soviet; comparative literature; cultural theory; globalization.

  • Nadya Nedelsky Nadya Nedelsky
    Associate Professor of International Studies (Sabbatical: AY 2015-2016)
    International human rights; ethnicity, nationalism, and civic belonging; Central and Eastern Europe, Czech and Slovak studies; transitional justice.

  • James Von Geldern James Von Geldern
    Russian and International Studies, and Chair of Russian Studies
    Russian and Soviet popular culture and cultural history; comparative studies in revolutions and commemoration; international law and legal frameworks; cultural studies.

  • Murat Altun Murat Altun
    Visiting Assistant Professor of International Studies
    Research interests include anthropology of state and sovereignty, communal rituals, belief in evil and demonology, and political violence.
  • Kate Ryan Reiling Kate Ryan Reiling
    Entreprenuer in Residence


Part Time Faculty


Additional Faculty Teaching in International Studies