Paul Dosh's Course Resources

Course Syllabi
Latin America through Women's Eyes (LAWE) (Fall 2014)
Urban Latino Power (ULP) (Spring 2015)
Comparative Democratization (CDN) (Spring 2014)
Latin American Politics (LAP) (Fall 2015)
Comparative Social Movements (CSM) (Spring 2015)
Urban Politics of Latin America (ULA) (Fall 2015)
Chuck Green Civic Engagement Fellowship (CGF) (Spring 2013)
Political Science Senior Research Seminar (SRS) (Fall 2015)

APSA Citation and Reference Style Guide


Diagnostic Papers
LAWE - Identity Crisis: New Dynamics in a Globalizing World (Petty)

Single Point Papers
LAWE - Gender-bending in Allende's Chile (Virnig)
LAWE - Poder Femenino: Shrewd, Not Apolitical (Bowron)
LAP - Brazil’s Landless Movement: Effects of Repression or Democratization? (Jelev)
LAP - A Milton Analysis of the MST in Brazil (Kotonias)
LAP - The Flow of Power Under Chávez (Blom)
CDN - Religious Identity and Social Movements (Srader)
LAP - Leadership and Participatory Democracy (Michaels)

Analytic Papers
LAWE - Fear, Anger, and Necessity: The Driving Forces Behind Political Action (Wittkowski)
LAWE - Community: The Missing Link between Practical and Strategic Interests of Cuban Women (Petty)
LAWE - Violence as Repression and Opportunity: Women and the Anti-Pinochet Movement (Wells)
CSM - Framing Mobilization around Nationalism (Bigelow)
CSM - Framing Battle of the Desaguadero Oil Spill (Hill)
CSM - Framing in the Movement to Close the School of the Americas (Van Etten)
CDN - Limiting Reserve Domains in Pacted Transitions (Ravdin)
LAP - Women's Political Participation in Revolutionary Nicaragua (Hedin)
LAP - Identity Politics in Guatemala and Brazil (Stuart)

Analytic Papers (Hostile Audience version)
ULP - A Plea for Guidance in Tucson (Tuttle)
ULP - Los Angeles Gangs and Latino Youth (Goossen)

"Autobiographical" Essays (to prepare for a Simulation role)
ULP - Church of the Forgotten (Thomas)
ULP - Elvira Arellano (Westberg)

Opinion-Editorials w/ Endnotes
ULP - Coalition Construction and Electoral Politics (Tuttle)

Biographical Essays
LAWE - La Nicolasa: Her Life and Times (Seitz)
LAWE - Julieta Kirkwood: Rewriting history and Contesting the Present (Kohl)

Simulations, Partisan Narratives and 9:59 Lectures
CDN - Iran Simulation (Jelev, Lestanin, & West)
CDN - Wal-Mart Mini-Lecture (Goodman)
CSM - Social Movements Simulation: The Argentine Tax Controversey (Hill, Vail & Johnson)
LAWE - Colombia Simulation (Hormann, Howland & Wells)
LAWE - Partisan Narrative-Violeta Chamorro (Jacoby)

Research Papers
CDN - Nationalism and Democratic Reform: Iran and Russia (Stegner and Turner)
CDN - Autonomy and Women's Organizations in Nicaragua and El Salvador (Jacoby)

CDN - Preventing Separatist Movements in USSR, Russia, and South Africa (Roh)

CDN - Comparing Coups in Brazil and Turkey (Duke)
LAP - Comparative Perspectives on Delegative Democracy in Menem & Putin’s Presidencies (Jelev)
LAP - The 1990 Electoral Defeat of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua (Pallmeyer)
SRS - Challenges to a Hemispheric Power: International Influence and Latin American Leaders (Stone)
CSM - Jesus and Drag Queens: The Gay Rights Movement in the Episcopal Church (Hedin)
CSM - El Faccionalismo y la Separación de las Madres de Plaza de Mayo (Hill)

Exploratory Papers
ULA - The Alternative Street: Gangs as Sites of Urban Governance (Rebert)
SRS - Miami and the Right to the City (Scott)

Research Design Assignments
SRS - Outline Assignment: Challenging a Hemispheric Power (Stone)
SRS - Outline Assignment: Broadcasting Decolonization (Jackson)
SRS - Research Topic Statement: Castro, Chávez, and U.S. Policy (Stone)
SRS - Sample Abstracts

LAWE - Women within Latin America's Revolutions (Berman)
LAWE - Conflicting Interests, Political Strategies, and Gender Equality in Latin America (Evans)
LAWE - Presente in Our America: Written Portraits from an Abused Subcontinent (Kligerman)
LAWE - Las Mujeres de la Revolución (Campbell)
LAWE - Las Mujeres de Matiz (Seitz)
LAWE - Actualizing Feminism (Stone)
LAWE - Women and Power Relations in Latin America (Kohl)

Honors Thesis Proposals
Envisioning Progressive Pluralism (Kotonias)
The Violence of Capitalism (Kligerman)
Beheading the Leadership (Pallmeyer)

Fellowship & Graduate School Applications

Truman Scholarship (Rebert)
Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship (Hedin)
Fulbright to Senegal (Hedin)
Fulbright to Ecuador (Dosh)
Upper Midwest Human Rights Fellowship to Peru (Hedin)
Watson Fellowship (Delvin-Foltz)
Princeton Ph.D. Program (Vidina)
Berkeley Ph.D. Program (Dosh)

Honors Theses
2012 - Melo - Anti-Poverty Policies in Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia
2010 - Kligerman - Violences of Capitalism in Uganda, Minnesota, and Mexico
2009 - Hill - Choreographing National Identity

2009 - Kotonias - Politics of Lynch Violence and State Exceptions
2009 - Pallmeyer - Beyond Corporatism and Liberalism
2009 - Wells - Comparing Black Self-Determination in Atlanta and Salvador
2009 - Virnig - Local Food Movements and Global Social Change
2008 - Duke - Legislatures and Neoliberalism in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay
2007 - Hedin - African Nationalism and Structural Adjustment
2007 - Bigelow - New State Puerto Rican Politics
2007 - Rebert - Immigrant Rights Movement
2006 - Kaster - Mothers in Social Movements in Authoritarian Regimes

2005 - Milton - Strategies and Protest in Argentine Factory Takeover Movement

Final Written Work for Internship
Women Winning Internship Handbook (Dewees)