Legal Studies

Erik Larson, Co-Director

Patrick Schmidt, Co-Director

Legal Studies Program

The Legal Studies program allows students to explore “law,” in all its meanings, through a variety of liberal arts perspectives. Instead of teaching law as a set of rules to learn, we look at the possibilities and limits of law in concept, in practice, in history, and around the world. The program features many challenging courses that draw students who simply find law a fascinating subject to explore, as well providing advising for those considering careers related to law.

Legal Studies Program

Structure of the Concentration

  1. With the assistance of a legal studies advisor from the legal studies steering committee, students will select six courses from those approved by the legal studies steering committee for their concentration in legal studies. Normally no more than two courses under the 400 level may be selected from any single department. It is vital to consult with an advisor affiliated with legal studies since the program offers a variety of special topics courses that count toward the concentration.
  2. One of the six required courses may be an internship related to the field of legal studies. This internship must be selected in consultation with the director or under the supervision of one of the affiliated faculty. Students must register for the internship through the department of the faculty member who supervises the internship.