After Macalester, students pursue a variety of options in graduate school and employment. A poll of recent graduates showed that they had these future plans:

Cecylia Bocovich (Computer Science & Math, '12) will enter the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science currently for a Masters in Mathematics at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
Owen Burbank
(Math, '12) will be a Reporting Engineer for Epic Systems in Madison, Wisconsin.
Hanna Chakoian (Math, '12) will be a math enrichment tutor for the Minnesota Math Corps.
Elise delMas
(Math, '12) will start a PhD program in mathematics at the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities).
Samantha Gupta
(Math, '12) will pursue a J.D. at Harvard Law School.
Ryan Kerwin
(Computer Science, '12) will start a PhD program in robotics at Georgia Tech, Atlanta.
Rayanatou Laouali (Applied Math & Statistics, '12) will be at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota to start a Master's program in International Development.
Wanyi Li
(Applied Math & Statistics, '12) will start a PhD program in Business Administration at UCLA -  Anderson School of Management.
Mo Liu
(Math, '12) will start a master program in finance at MIT Sloan School of Management.
Ishiaka Mansaray
Math, '12) will start a Teaching Fellow position in Physics at Saint Paul's School in Concord, New Hampshire. This is a Penn Residency Masters in Teaching from the Graduate School of Education of UPenn. He will be staying at the boarding school, receive mentoring and eventually start teaching on his own. This is a two year program in which he will earn a Masters in Education.
Ryan Marshall
(Math, '12) will be at the University of Minnesota in pursuit of a PhD in physics.
Trevor McCalmont
(Applied Math & Statistics, '12) will be working at W3i as an analyst in Minneapolis, MN.
Nathaniel Miller
(Computer Science & Math, '12) will be a Software Development Engineer with Amazon in Seattle.
Andrew Rich
(Math, '12) will work at Thomson Reuters as a software engineer.
Morgan Sonnenschein
(Applied Math & Statistics, '12) will be working at Cerner in Kansas City, Missouri.
David Suchy
(Applied Math & Statistics, '12) will be working as an investment banking analyst in healthcare coverage group at UBS in New York City.
Yiting Wang (Applied Math & Statistics, '12) will work at UBS New York as an investment banking analyst.
Maura Warner (Computer Science, '12) is working for Thomson Reuters as a Software Engineer.
Qianyi Yang (Applied Math & Statistics, '12) will be working at Analysis Group in San Francisco as an analyst.
Jeanmarie Youngblood (Math, '12) will start a PhD program in mathematics at the University of Minnesota.
Jingjiao Zhang (Applied Math & Statistics, '12) will work at Citi in New York City in investment banking.

Kate Agnew (Math, '11) is participating in the Technology Leadership Program at Target Corp., Minneapolis.
Jimerson J. Asencio Ferrufino (Applied Math & Statistics, '11) is employed as an analyst at Analysis Group, San Francisco.
Jorge Banuelos (Math, '11) is in PhD program in statistics at UC Berkeley.
Paul Burns (Math, '11) works in transfer pricing at Ernst & Young, Minneapolis.
Michael Coleman (Computer Science, '11) is a Software Test Engineer for Thomson Reuters. St. Paul.
Jacob Duscha (Math, '11) is working at Epic, in Madison, WI.
Nikhil Gupta (Math, '11is in a PhD program in economics at Princeton University. 
Matthew Hurni (Math, '11) works for AmeriCorps and applying to post-bac programs to become a high school mathematics teacher.
Allison Kennedy (Math, '11) is in the PhD program in Physics and Astronomy at the University of Minnesota.
Anupam Mishra (Math, '11)  is in in a Master's program in Statistics at George Washington University in Washington, DC.
Senthuran Raveendranathan (Applied Math & Statistics) is a Research Analyst at Analysis Group, San Francisco.
Alex Scheenman (Computer Science & Math, '11) is working at Epic in Madison, WI.
Yenee Soh (Math '11) is a research analyst at Padilla Speer Beardsley, a public relations & marketing agency, in Minneapolis.
Drew van Denover  (Math, '11) works as a full time math tutor in Denver and is headed to Stanford Law School in the fall.
Adam Van der Sluis (Applied Math & Statistics, '11) works in the Macalester Admissions office as an Admissions Officer.

Saad Anjum (Math, ’10) works as a Business Analyst at Deloitte Consulting LLP.
Ji Young Choi (Math, '10) works as an Analyst at Analysis Group Denver, Colorado.
Rob Engel
(Computer Science, '10) attends Carnegie Mellon University in the fall for the Software Engineering program.
David Klock
(Computer Science, '10) works on the Bing search engine at Microsoft as a Software Development Engineer in Test.
Horatiu (Jerry) Kraus
(Math, '10) is pursuing a master’s in science in finance at the London School of Economics.
Besjona Kreka
(Math, '10) is an analyst at Cornerstone Research (Economic Consulting firm) in Washington DC.
David Lopez
(Math, '10) is a research analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, St. Louis, Mo.
Amelia McNamara
(Math, '10) is pursuing her PhD in Statistics at UCLA.
Emily Merrill
(Math, '10) will be attending the Smith College math post-Baccalaureate program (and applying to graduate school).
Ernesto Queiros Nunes
(Computer Science, '10) is in a PhD program in Computer Science, with emphasis on Artificial Intelligence, at the University of Minnesota.
Adam Oien
(Computer Science, '10) accepted a position as a Database Analyst at thedatabank, inc. in Minneapolis. They do web-based technology for non-profit organizations.
Joshua Paulson
(Math, '10) will be working in Boston with JJ Allaire and RStudio as a Product Manager.
Jeremy Roth
(Math, '10) will start a Ph.D. program in economics at the University of Texas-Austin.
Sami Saqer
(Computer Science, '10) will work at Microsoft Corporation as a Software Development Engineer for Microsoft Business Solution.
Nisha Singh
(Math, '10) will be working with The DART Center (the Direct Action and Training Institute) as an Associate Community Organizer for the next three years. DART provides a professional development and community organizing training structure to build community organizers to work for their affiliate organizations in various cities.
Isaac Sparling (Computer Science, '10) will head out to San Francisco to work at a startup called Socialcast, a company that does social web software targeted at corporations.
Nalee Thao
(Math, '10) be working as a College Coach for Admission Possible starting in the fall.
Theodore Trevor
(Computer Science, '10) plans to work for a while before applying to graduate school.
Robin Weiss
(Computer Science, '10) will be working in Perth, Australia at the University of Western Australia and in conjunction with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO).
Manoj Vemula
(Math, '10) will work for J.P.Morgan - Equity Capital Markets in New York City.
Tao Wen
(Math, '10) will work at Ecolab, Inc., downtown St. Paul, as an Associate Financial Analyst.
Tom Woodward
(Math, '10) will be doing research this summer with Prof. Halverson and applying to graduate programs in the fall.
Hao Zou (Math, '10) will work at the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank as an Associate Economist, and then apply to Ph.D programs in economics.

Casey Battaglino (Math & CS, '09) will be doing a summer internship at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory.
Jacob Bond
(Math, '09) will be taking graduate school classes in number theory at the University of Michigan.
Peter Calhoun
(Math, '09) will be pursuing graduate school in statistics at the University of Florida.
Sean Cooke
(Math & CS, '09) will build African drums and do graphic design.
Caroline Ettinger
(Math, '09) will be an assistant math teacher at a charter school in East Harlem, NY.
Jeffrey Gustafson
(Math, '09) will most likely be teaching with the Job Corps in Los Angeles (while also applying for grad school).
Henrik Hakonsen
(Math, '09) will be doing a MSc in Finance at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH).
Carleton Hanson (Math, '09) will be working in Minneapolis for SPS Commerce as an EDI Developer.
Colin Hottman
(Math & Economics, '09) will start a Ph.D. program in economics at Columbia University in New York City.
Andrew Johnson
(Math, '09) will be heading to the University of Minnesota for an MS in a statistics program.
Annika Johnson
(Math, '09) will be a 'St Paul Teaching Fellow.' In this program she will be teaching either Middle or High school math at one of St Paul's public schools, and will be working toward a Masters degree in education at Hamline University.
Jung-Yul Kim
(Math, '09) will be joining Korea's military.
Sherry Kurisinkal
(Math, '09) is working for Goldman Sachs, in the Private Wealth Management Group, in Salt Lake City, Utah.
David Lewin
(Math, '09) will be working for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association starting in September as Basketball Operations Assistant. His duties will include statistical analysis of trades, free agency, the collegiate draft, contracts, the salary cap and luxury tax, as well as general administrative duties.
Conrad Lichty
(Math & Economics, '09) is a Data Analyst at CarVal Investors, Cargill's hedge fund located in Minnetonka, MN.
Tom Mahle
(Math & Chemistry, '09) will start a Ph. D. in inorganic chemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Ephraim Musokwa
(Math, '09) will be moving to New York to work for UBS Investment Bank in their Capital Markets Group. He worked there for 10 weeks last summer.
Joe Novak
(Math, '09) will study applied math at University of Colorado, Boulder next year.
Stiliyana Stamenova
(Math & CS, '09) will be a software engineer at Microsoft in Seattle and begin a Master's degree program in computer science at the University of Washington.
Bernd Verst
(Math & CS, '09) will work at Mandli Communications in Madison WI next year doing GIS Analysis and Computer Support.
Meng Wang
(Math, '09) will be working as an actuarial analyst at EMB America, a property & casualty actuarial consulting firm in Chicago.
Matt Webster
(Math & Physics, '09) will be starting a Ph.D. program in physics at UCSD.