After Macalester

After Macalester, students pursue a variety of options in graduate school and employment. A poll of recent graduates showed that they had these future plans:

Sam Brier '13 (San Diego, CA) will be a police officer with the Madison Police Department in WI.

Anna-Kay Brown '13 (Kingston, Jamaica) will be attending Law School at Queen Mary University of London.

Bryan Ericsson '13 (Houston, TX) is going for his MA in Security Studies at George Washington University.

LaurenElizabeth Johnson '13 (Saint Paul, Minn.) will be teaching French in New Orleans, LA for Teach for America.

Shaina Kasper '13 (Richmond, VT) will be doing JOIN for Justice Fellowship in Boston.

Jenny Ledig '13 (Saint Paul, Minn.) will be teaching English at an elementary school in South Korea.

Dragana Marinkovic '13 (Pale, Bosnia-Herzegovina) will be going to Central European University in Budapest to do a masters in Public Administration.

Ezequiel Jimenez Martinez '13(Salta, Argentina) will be attending Graduate school for a Master in Human Rights Policy as an Erasmus Mundus Scholar at the University of Roenhampton (London, UK), University of Gothenburg (Gothenburg, Sweden) and the University of Tromso (Tromso, Norway).

Nicholas Matzke '13 (DePere, Wisc.) is going to work for DIS in Denmark.

Diasuke Minami '13 (Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan) is doing a PhD Program at George Washington University.

Stacey Murell '13(Centennial, CO) will be going to University of Chicago PhD Program.

Ellen Noble '13 (Bethesda, MD) will be doing a joint degree In Law (JD) and Security Studies (MA) at Georgetown University Law Center/Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

Courtney Nussbaumer '13 (Brookfield, Wisc.) will be going to Law School at the University of Madison, WI.

Ellen Toobin '13 (New York, NY) will be doing Teach for America in southwestern Ohio region.