Rachel Lucas-Thompson

Rachel Lucas-Thompson

Assistant Professor
Developmental Psychology

For more information about research in Rachel Lucas-Thompson's laboratory, please see her website for interested students and for families .

Rachel Lucas-Thompson is a developmental psychologist who specializes in the ways by which family relationships influence child and adolescent development. Her research more specifically addresses the mechanisms by which qualities of the marital relationship influence parent-child relations and child development, including physiological functioning as well as mental and physical health. She teaches introductory and advanced courses in Developmental Psychology as well as courses in the Research in Psychology series; she also plans to teach courses on the development of gender differences.

  • BA: Beloit College
  • MA: University of California at Irvine
  • PhD: University of California at Irvine

Selected publications

Lucas-Thompson, R.G., Goldberg, W.A., & Prause, J.A. (in press). Maternal work early in the lives of children and its distal associations with achievement and behavior problems: A meta-analysis. Psychological Bulletin.

Lucas-Thompson, R., Goldberg, W.A., Germo, G., Keller, M., Davis, E.P., & Sandman, C.A. (2009). Sleep arrangements and night waking at 6 and 12 months in relation to infants' stress-induced cortisol responses. Infant and Child Development, 18, 521-544.

Lucas-Thompson, R., Townsend, E.L., Gunnar, M.R., Georgieff, M.K., Guiang, S.F., Ciffuentes, R.F., Lussky, R.C., & Davies, E.P. (2008). Developmental changes in the responses of preterm infants to a painful stressor. Infant Behavior and Development, 31, 614-623.

Goldberg, W.A. & Lucas-Thompson, R. (2008). Maternal (paternal) employment, effects of. In M.M. Haith & J.B. Benson (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Infant and Early Childhood Development (Vol 2, pp. 268-279). Academic Press: San Diego.

Goldberg, W.A. Prause, J.A., Lucas-Thompson, R., & Himsel, A.J. (2008). Maternal employment and children's achievement in context: A meta-analysis of four decades of research. Psychological Bulletin, 134, 77-108.

Lucas-Thompson, R. & Clarke-Stewart, K.A. (2007). Forecasting friendship: The links from marital quality, maternal mood, and attachment security to children's peer relationships. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 28, 499-514.