Underrepresented Populations, Paradigms, and Perspectives (UP³)

Underrepresented Populations, Paradigms, and Perspectives (UP³

UP³ courses have as their central theme one or more of the following:

  • A focus on historically underrepresented perspectives, paradigms, or populations in psychology
  • A critical lens on issues of power and privilege in the field
  • An analysis of the implications of exclusion or marginalization in the field of psychology or on psychological experience

Current courses:
 Psychology 194—Minding the Body
 Psychology 264—Psychology of Gender
 Psychology 266—History of Psychology
 Psychology 268—Psychology of Multiculturalism
 Psychology 370—Understanding and Confronting Racism
 Psychology 379—Cultural Psychology
 Psychology 380—Community Psychology and Public Health
 Psychology 488—Lives in Context

Past courses that fulfill this requirement:
Psychology 194—Psychology of Immigration and Acculturation
Psychology 488—Development in Context