The Neuroscience Studies Program at Macalester College provides strong basic training in biology, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, philosophy and psychology. With this interdisciplinary foundation, students are able to study and investigate the organization of the nervous system and behavior, from the microscopic structure of the brain and its biological processes, to the role of the brain in numerous behavioral processes, to the modeling and construction of artificial intelligence systems. The neuroscience studies major draws naturally from the physical and social sciences as well as humanities, and students take select courses from these areas. Thus, the major offers focus while drawing from rich and growing course offerings in diverse areas.

The Undergraduate Behavioral Neuroscience Resource Project

The Undergraduate Behavioral Neuroscience Resource Project was launched to provide college undergraduates, advanced high school students, and anyone else that may be interested with up-to-date, accurate, and yet understandable information about topics related to behavioral neuroscience.

Current Projects


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