Arline and Robert A. Caine Memorial Prize

The Arline and Robert A. Caine Memorial Prize was established in 1976 in memory of Arline and Robert Craine by their friends and family. Mr. Caine served Presbyterian churches in Red Wing, MN, Duluth, MN, and Rochester, NY. In addition, Mr. Caine served as a Minnesota synod executive and as a Macalester College trustee for many years. The prize is awarded to seniors planning to pursue graduate work in religious studies.

2015 Emily Bates
2014 Marnie Schreiber
2013 Max L. Edwards
2012 Deborha A. Campbell

Arline and Robert A. Caine Memorial Prize Past Recipients

2011 Daniel I. Rocklin, Sher Afgan K. Tareen
2010 Namara Brede
2009 Elliot Niblock
2008 Sonia Hazard
2007 Ashley Geisendorfer
1993 Emily Brault
2006 Eleanor Strand
2005 Sherali Tareen, Benjamin Wurtmann
2004 Deanna Ferree
2003 Patrick D'Silva, Elizabeth Kaziunas
2002 Susanna Fioratta, Jason Schlude
2001 Elizabeth McKay, Jane Yager
2000 Audrey Larrimer, Katie Pantazi
1999 Tracy Powell, Daphne Wiebe
1998 Susan Bailey, Sam Lieberman
1997 Sean Campanella, Michael Dekker
1996 Paul Jarvis, John Millspaugh
1995 Ellen Sherby, Christopher Tassava
1994 Katrina Olds

George W. Davis Memorial Prize in Religion & Recipients

Established by Ethel Mary Davis in memory of her husband. Cash awards given by the Religious Studies Department to juniors (for use in their senior year) who in the judgment of the department have attained the highest degree of excellence.

2015 Molly Wallace
2014 Emily Bates
2013 Sarah E. Fleming
2012 Rebecca Z. Hornstein, Hannah C. McIntire, Beatrice T. Rendon, Samuel P. Tygiel       

George W. Davis Memorial Prize in Religion Past Recipients

2011 Jamila Hussein
2010 Sher Afgan Tareen, Daniel Rocklin
2009 David Schmoeller
2008 Anne Gonzalez, Katherine Ziegler
2007 Sonia Hazard
2006 Emily Calkins, Emma Gallegos
2005 Cassandra Berman
2004 Breanne Goodell, Johanna Shreve, Benjamin Wurtmann
2003 Deanna Ferree
2002 Luke Sykora
2001 Jason Schlude
2000 Jeffrey Fitz, Kwame Phillips, Rebecca Schnall-Levin, Jane Yager
1999 Emily Mandelman, Katie Pantazis
1998 Daphne Wiebe
1997 Naomi Cytron, Jennifer Hunter, Tracy Powell
1996 Paul Coleman
1995 Eileen Hanson, David Penn
1994 John Millspaugh
1993 Vanessa Harnik, Katrina Olds

Milton Mclean Award & Recipients

Awarded to seniors of high academic achievement planning to do graduate work in religious studies.

1999 Amy Golembiewski, Elizabeth Hauze (final year of award)
1998 not awarded
1997 Rachel Buck, Elisabeth (Eily) Marlow
1996 Hilary Himan
1995 Jenny Kehl
1994 Benjamin Abrahamse

Jewish Studies Award & Recipients

A cash award to a senior in Religious Studies for academic excellence in Jewish Studies.

1996 Ethan Roberts
1995 Tamara Nadel