2014 Honors Thesis

Gordon Christen ’14 (Brooklyn, WI), PA ”Roosevelt, Boy Scouts, and the Formation of Muscular Christian Character”.

Marni Schreiber ’14 (Pittsburgh, PA)”South Asian Muslim Health Outcomes in Great Britain: The National Health Service and the British National Imaginary”.

2013 Honors Thesis

Mollie Beebe (Shelburne Falls, MA)Teaching Outside the Margins: Sexual Health Education and the Politics of Sexual Shame.

Max Edwards  (Rochester, MN) “Dealing with Desire: The Transformation of Hasidic Asceticism”.

Rebecca Hornstein  (Minneapolis, MN) “When Kashrut is not “Kosher”: The Struggle Over Ethics, Eating and American Jewish Identity Post  Postville”

Sara Sandmel  (Chicago, IL) Bathing Women: Ritualized Bodies, Feminism and Jewish Menstrual Purity.