Recent Internships

Russian immigration to the Twin Cities has created rich internship opportunities. Students have worked with organizations that facilitate immigrant resettlement. Others have worked as translators or interpreters for Russian visitors and for the local community.

Ingrid Korsgard '13 (Madison, WI) Interned as Environmental Advocate at Great Baikal Trail during study abroad in Irkutsk, Siberia

Ingrid Korsgard '13 (Madison, WI) Translator for Russian-speaking residents of Booth Manor, an independent living facility in Minneapolis, MN

Ruxi Zhang ’14 (Shanghai, China), Advocates for Human Rights, Refugee Section

Matthew Butler '12 (Southlake, TX) International Institute of Minnesota; League of Women Voters (worked as a translator for a delegation of journalists from the former Soviet republic of Georgia)

Lindsay Daniels ’12 (Bloomburg, TX), Consulate General of the United States, St. Petersburg, Russia

Luke Franklin '09 (Castle Rock, Colo.) Museum of Russian Art