The Theatre and Dance Department has two professional-caliber performance spaces, each designed by noted theater architectural consultant and innovator George C. Izenour.  See Yale University Press for more information. 

Each season and academic year, more than 250 students perform onstage or work backstage in the Janet Wallace mainstage theater, which seats 262 spectators. 

The facilities also feature a Studio Theatre, “the black box,” that seats 75 and houses classes, rehearsals and experimental productions. 

The fully-equipped dance studio is the site of dance technique and dance history classes, rehearsal and small-scale showings and performances. 

An auxiliary rehearsal space, “Theater 3,” has a sprung floor and is suitable for both theatre and dance classroom and rehearsal purposes.

The department has a CAD/CAM design studio, and “smart” capacities in two conventional windowed classrooms, in the dance studio, and in Theater 3.