Current Season

7 dancers on stage surrounded in blue light, from fall 2013

Spring Dance Concert

2016-2017 Performance Season: Performing Labors

Performing artists work. The making of performance, whether as performer, designer, of master electrician in the lighting grid, requires research and analysis, the development of technique and craft over arcs of years, and skills of patience, collaboration and improvisation. In this season, THDA is calling attention to the ways we work, the values and in/visibility of labor, and the disciplinary powers invested in performing labor. We are also, in our productions, representing labor and issues that workers face currently, locally, and globally. Our season invites conversations among students and colleagues about work - purposeful, compulsory, under-compensated, stolen, joyous - and the ways workers, we, wrest meaning from workaday lives. 

Fall 20116 Performance Season

Urinetown: The Musical

November 4-6, 10-12

Fall Dance Concert

December 2, 3

Spring 2017 Performance Season


February 17, 18

Acute Care: performing emotional Labors

April 6-8, 13-15

Spring Dance Concert

April 28,29