Spring 2015 Capstones

Christopher DiCesare '15 "Queer(y)ing Coyle: Brian Coyle's Archive and the Politics of Queer History".
Kate Gallagher '16
"The Elevator is Broken Again: Navigating Disability Accommodation, Accessibility, and Usability in the Ivory Tower".
Ariel Estrella '15
"Red Room, Big House: E L James' Fifty Shades and the Praxis of a Neoliberal Domestic".
Zoya Haroon '15
"(Re)constructing the Hybrid: negotiating transcultural South Asian women's subjectivity".
Hannah Trivilino '15 "
Pretty Little Panopticon Resisters: Normalization of Neoliberal Surveillance in ABC Family's Little Liars".

Spring 2013 Capstones

Sabrina Baumgartner ’13 ”Identity and Access to Supportive Services for Victims and Survivors of Domestic Violence”.

Myriah Myers ‘13 “Interpellations:
 Poetry of and from the Body”.

Emily Pripas ‘13 “Desire and Assimilation: (Post)Feminist Jewish Identity”.

Henrie Slocum ’13 “Dismantling the Factory Society: Contesting Work and Combating Patriarchy”.

Sophie Schwadron ’13 “Minding my Business: Capitalism and the Feminist Workplace".