Rudy Henriquez

Rudy Henriquez ’14

Daly City, California
English, Political Science
After Mac: Yelp

Set ambitious goals for yourself as early as possible, find a position of leadership on campus, gain professional and leadership skills that will stand out in an the interview.

Ben Lavin

Ben Lavin ’14

New York City, New York
After Mac: Peace Corps

Appreciate it when profs challenge you, take statistics and code and classes that are not in your field, understand different perspectives on a topic, study abroad, let your interests lead you to new places.

Amy Janett

Amy Janett ’14

Verona, New Jersey
After Mac: PhD in applied math

Take a variety of courses first semester, do research, build relationships with professors and classmates, take advantage of Mac’s location, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Joe Dykema

Joe Dykema ’14

Roseville, Minnesota
After Mac: PricewaterhouseCoopers

Listen to teammates, meet with professors on a regular basis, do an internship, reach out to alumni, do another internship.

Ruxi Zhang

Ruxi Zhang ’14

Beijing, China
International Studies, Russian Studies
After Mac: PhD in Political Science

Get involved in something that matters to you, take on a leadership role, do an internship, listen to your professors (they want you to succeed), learn from writing analytical research papers.