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QuestBridge Applicants

Through the QuestBridge National College Match application process, students apply to the nation’s best colleges (like Macalester!) and are considered for early admission and a full four-year scholarship.

Macalester is a QuestBridge partner and participant in the QuestBridge National College Match, a college and scholarship application process that helps outstanding low-income high school seniors gain admission and full four-year scholarships to some of the nation’s most selective colleges. We encourage all interested students to explore this partnership at You will find information about the 48 college partners, including information on National College Match, College Prep Scholarship, and Quest for Excellence Awards.

Deadlines for Applying to Macalester Through QuestBridge

College Match

  • QuestBridge Application Deadline September 26, 2023
  • College Match Notification December 1, 2023


  • QuestBridge National College Match Application

    Complete the National College Match Application by the QuestBridge September deadline for evaluation by the QuestBridge organization. If you are chosen as a QuestBridge Finalist, select Macalester to receive your application. Macalester QuestBridge Application Requirements Page

  • High School through Junior Year Transcript

    Request that your secondary school(s) send Macalester official transcript(s) of all classes and grades beginning with 9th grade, through junior year.

  • Macalester QuestBridge Finalists Supplement

    QuestBridge College Match Finalists must submit the Macalester Questbridge Supplement.

  • Macalester Application for QuestBridge Non-Finalists (Not required for matched finalists)

    Non-Matched Finalists, Non-Finalists and Non-Ranking Finalists Only: Complete the Macalester Application for QuestBridge Non-Finalists to authorize Macalester to use your QuestBridge application.

  • FAFSA/CSS Financial Aid Profile

    File online. FAFSA CSS Profile

  • Tax Returns

    Send signed copies of your parents’ most recent federal income tax return.

Optional Items

  • ACT or SAT

    Macalester has a Test-Optional admissions policy for ACT, SAT, AP, and IB. We aim to reduce the anxiety many students experience regarding standardized exams and hope to provide applicants more freedom and flexibility to consider which portion of their academic record they would like Macalester to consider in the review process. 

    There is no penalty or disadvantage for students who choose not to submit test scores in the selection process. All applicants are given equal consideration for admission and scholarship opportunities. You can learn more about our Test Policy here.

    If you believe your standardized test scores will add another positive layer to your application file, then please feel free to submit scores to our office or self-report them in the Common Application. Macalester’s testing codes are 2122 (ACT) and 6390 (SAT).

  • Art Samples or Portfolio

    If you have made a substantial commitment to the arts in the areas of fine arts, music, theater or dance, you are welcome to submit samples in your application portal.

All students who apply for the QuestBridge National College Match scholarship may use their QuestBridge application to apply to Macalester. Through the process of applying for the QuestBridge National College Match scholarships, applicants become one of four statuses—a National College Match Finalist, a Non-Matched Finalist, a Non-Ranking Finalist, or a Non-Finalist.

  • National College Match Finalists: Selected by QuestBridge to continue in the match process in September of a student’s senior year. Finalists can then rank up to 15 college partners in preferential order. Finalists who rank Macalester will be considered for the College Match Scholarship. Matched Scholars are announced early December.
  • Non-Matched Finalists: Students selected by QuestBridge as Finalists but were not matched to Macalester or other college.
  • Non-Ranking Finalists: Students selected by QuestBridge as Finalists but elected not to participate in the College Match program.
  • Non-Finalists: Students who applied to the National College Match and did not meet the criteria for QuestBridge Finalists.

Macalester meets 100% of demonstrated financial need for all admitted students. Whether applicants are Non-Matched Finalists, Non-Ranking Finalists, or Non-Finalists, they will be considered for merit scholarship and need-based aid provided they complete the FAFSA, CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE (CSS code: 6390) and submit parent federal income tax returns.

Applying Early Decision I or II Through QuestBridge

Please contact Admissions to be considered for Early Decision. Applicants interested in Early Decision I or II must send an email to [email protected] with “QuestBridge applicant seeking Early Decision” in the subject line.

QuestBridge Contact

Aisha Gonzalez
Senior Associate Director of Admissions, Diversity and Inclusion
[email protected]


  • I would like to be considered under test optional, but my ACT/SAT scores were reported on my QuestBridge Application. How do I let Macalester know?

    When you complete the required Macalester QuestBridge Finalist Supplement or the Macalester Application for QuestBridge Non-Finalists form, you will be able to indicate whether you would like us to consider your test scores.

  • I would prefer to apply to Macalester in Regular Decision using the Common Application. What should I do?

    Macalester defaults to whichever application you most recently submitted. Therefore, if you submit a Common Application, that will be considered in place of our QuestBridge application.

  • If I wasn’t matched, will that affect how my application is considered at Macalester?

    We want to emphasize that not matching through QuestBridge is more of a reflection of limited spaces in a highly competitive and selective process, and not your potential or or ability to be successful at Macalester. We welcome you to continue in our admissions process through either Early Decision II or Regular Decision.

  • Is there a supplement essay I should be aware of?

    We do offer a chance to respond to our Supplemental Essay in the supplement form. However, it’s completely optional.