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Leaders of afrika!


Afrika Calendar for SPRING 2011


Afrika! general meetings:

biWEekly Meetings Tuesdays:Campus Center room 206 from 9pm - 10pm.

Guest Speakers and Special sessions for this Spring will focus on topics such as:

Son of Africa, Fatherof a Nation

Special Documentary on the life and times of Nelson 'Madiba' Mandela

Africa vs Genetically Modified Food/GMOs

Why on Earth is Africa choosing poverty over the chance to have more food???

Africa: Maybe Democracy just ain't our thing?

Examining Africa's continued failure at peaceful, democratc elections

Countries within a country

Inside the lives of African migrant societies in the United States.

The 54th State

Taking a look at Africa's newest born baby: Southern Sudan


guest speakers for the spring will include:

Ahmad Samatar

Terry Gipps

Jerry Darko and Others!!!


Africa week(21 march - 26 march)

A week of celebration and sharing Africa culture, ending with our annual CULTURAL SHOW on Saturday the 26th of March.

Africa Liberation Day Barbecue

At the Alumni House ( Date: sometime when we can wear shorts again)

Senior Dinner (Early April)